We Love You, Kevin Dunn

Disclaimer:  Baron Botch’s views do not necessarily reflect those of Wrestle Royalty, its Queen, it’s writers, white hamsters, tall men named Ronald, or Dixie Carter.

I have been a wrestling fan for a very long time.  In that time, I’ve seen some really bad episodes of “Monday Night Raw”.  Last night, however, a very special episode of “Monday Night Raw” greeted me – one so awful that it defies all logic, taste, creativity, and has almost no entertainment value whatsoever.  That said episode was to be the “go home” episode for the “Hell in a Cell” makes this all the more poetically pathetic.

First, I must wax warm and fuzzy about Renee Young.  In truth, I was ecstatic to learn that I would no longer have to endure the mouth-breathing meanderings of Jonathan Coachman any longer.  He’s been demoted (they can say what they want but if it walks like a duck and quacks like a duck, it’s a duck) to PPV pre-show stuff that relatively few will bother with now that Renee isn’t doing them anymore.  In his place, we get the lovely and talented Renee Young becoming the very first female commentator in WWWF/WWF/WWE’s history.  This is big and Renee is absolutely the woman for the job.   I truly could not be happier for her.

As for this episode of “Monday Night Raw”, there will be no blog as you know it.  In it’s place, I submit this.  It’s a “thank you note” of sorts to Kevin Dunn – director of “Monday Night Raw”.  It very much tells the tale of how I received tonight’s episode far better than any crown or pithy sentence could: