It’s Not For Rent

I’ve always liked Zelina. From when she first appeared on TNA, I knew she could make it huge. She has that special something that I knew could lead to bigger and brighter things, which it has. One of the things we forget too often is that WWE superstars have real lives to live, and I thought her two-part segment about her father passing away in one of the towers on 9/11 were really well done. Renee was the perfect person to ask the questions, Zelina was open and honest, and the production crew did a beautiful job of incorporating pictures from Zelina’s younger life. It took a lot of courage for her to open up like that, and I think the WWE did a very good job of not making it look like a sensationalized mess.


Jeff Goes Straight To Hell!

Further, he’s happy about it. I really don’t get it, but you will read about it in my Predicts. Honestly, after all these years in the industry, you’d think he could give a coherent promo, yet no. He’s not as bad on mic as Warrior was, but this just wasn’t good, and I worry about his HIAC Match as Jeff’s body isn’t the shape it needs to be for a HIAC match.


Orton Attacks

I’m so over Jeff Hardy, Orton, and even Nakamura right now. The three of them have been so badly booked that I forget about their existence when they’re not actually on the screen, and when they are on the screen I roll my eyes and look for something stronger to drink. I know HIAC will move Orton and Jeff Hardy beyond where they are now, but that’s not much. Then there’s Nakamura who isn’t in a feud and doesn’t have a scheduled match for HIAC, even though he’s us Champion. So much bad booking!


Maryse Is Awesome!

I never thought I’d say that as I’ve never been a fan, but she’s been growing on me. Yes, their reality show has helped me get over it because she really is very down to earth, or more than I thought she was. Further, I adore her mother who reminds me so much of my Mum! Maryse and Miz are great together, and with him, her mic skills have grown by leaps and bounds. Still not watching Total Divas, but waiting for season 2 of Miz & Mrs!


Empty Arena & Aughts Jeans

Yes, AJ’s promo was fantastic, but being me, I see the previous decade in the jeans he wore. Okay, past the jeans, this was a fantastic promo and the type of thing that is perfect for AJ. He doesn’t need all the flash and glitz to get over, just him and the camera, along with a greatly scripted promo. Proof that the WWE is the best place for AJ and his personal mic skills.


Iridescent Golden Peacock

This is one of Charlotte’s best feuds so far, at least on mic. She’s powerful and well-spoken, but not screechy and annoying. She’s not a heel or a face, nor is she a wilting violet. This is possibly Charlotte’s best character since being called up, and I think it’s mostly because Becky and she are so close. Goes back to what I say about the best feuds being between besties. Look at AJ/Joe, Trip/HBK, etc. The besties give us the best!


Hard Hitting, But Missing The Ball

I love that Sonya has her own style, her own look in the ring. I don’t like that Charlotte seems to botch her moonsault more often than not! Not only did she botch that, but slamming Sonya into the ropes looked horrible too. Sadly this was more of a mess than we want to see in a go-home show, especially when the SD Women’s Champion is the one botching. The fact that Sonya looked so strong here is a great thing. I really see something in her.


Sexy, Nerdy Glasses

I love that Becky was in a wig and glasses in the front row! That was the perfect way to end this. Further, Becky made it so much more than it would have been, because of the looks and attitude she flung around. She’s totally killing this version of her character, and we’re the ones winning.


Reading Rainbow!

Sure, Samoa Joe could take over for LeVar Burton! I can see it, in my own twisted head, but I was watching Invader Zim with Sam when she was four.


Becky’s Tude!

I love this Becky Lynch! She is so real, which is something we never see enough of these days. No one is all bad or all good. Or, well, most people are not all good or all bad, so this booking is so right. We all know this came about because the fans didn’t want Becky to be full on heel and McMahon is actually doing right by the fans, at least for this wonderful superstar. The best part is that Becky is selling this better than I thought possible. Becky is one of the best developed female characters right now, and she not only deserves it, but she’s playing it to the hilt!


Kramer Kingsman!

So much silliness from New Day, and how can you not love it? Okay, Mitch doesn’t love them, but it’s Mitch and while we love him, he can be a stick in the batter.


Rip In Time/Space Continuum

I was so excited to see Cesaro and English in the ring together, and it turned out to be really nothing of a match. So not exciting on so many levels. I just thought there would be a rip in the time/space continuum, even if tiny, and it didn’t happen. I guess if it didn’t happen when Darren Young and John Cena were in the ring together it was less likely to happen when Cesaro and English did the same. Sigh! Otherwise, it was a decent match, nothing really as special as I thought it would be until the very end. That smile on Rusev’s face after the three was one of the most beautiful and joyous expressions I’ve ever seen from him. He looked happier here than he did in the pics of him and his wife in bed just after he proposed to her.



I love Carmella and R-Truth together! They are amazing! The chemistry! The whole Car-Truth thing was Stacy’s idea, and I worry that they will do something like that with them and totally kill all the greatness they’ve built over their short time together.


Feel The Go!

I had been wondering if Asuka changed the blue in her hair to green to run with Naomi, and it appears to be true. The problem I had most with this segment, and there were a lot of problems, is that I immediately went to potty humor. Feel the go doesn’t work the way feel the glow does. Further, I know Botch really didn’t like this segment, but I liked it more than Asuka’s previous speaking moments where she screamed into the camera. I’m not saying this was good, but it was better than Botch seemed to think it was. So, Nobody’s Ready For The Glow as first Women’s Tag Team Champions? Personally, I like it.


Divas Main Event

This was pretty much what I expected, two Divas working the ring. I love when women get the main event when they are deserving, but these two are not deserving. I know why they got the main event, but it doesn’t mean I have to like it! The only good parts of this were Miz and Bryan. They helped set up for HIAC, which is what they needed to do with the main event, but giving Divas the main event wasn’t needed, at all. It cheapens the women who work the ring in the most horrific of ways. I’d hoped we were done with the Bellas and Maryse in the ring, but I guess they’re the holdovers none of us want. The only reason I gave this the solid grade I did was for Miz and Bryan being involved and the overall story that was told in and around the ring.


Final Flush

I’ve still not watched Raw this week, and I don’t plan to. From what I’ve heard people didn’t think this episode of SD was very good, but leaps and bounds better than Raw! You’d think they’d put more into a go-home to a PPV, but they’ve not kept up on that these past couple years, sadly.

Queen KB