Wrestle Royalty Predicts…Hell in a Cell

Hear ye, hear ye!  We at Wrestle Royalty shall now pronounce our predictions for this year’s Hell in a Cell.  Feel free to pick your favorites in our polls!


Raw Tag Team Championship match:  Dolph Ziggler & Drew McIntyre vs. Seth Rollins & Dean Ambrose

Baron Botch:  I’m not that taken with this one, honestly.  I know we’ll get a fun match because all of these guys can work but the storyline doesn’t interest me that much.  At some point, we’ll get Dean turning on Seth.  I just don’t think it’ll happen here on a B-level PPV.  As for who wins, Dolph and Drew won’t do this cleanly but they haven’t had the belts that long so…

THE WINNAH AND STILL! – Dolph Ziggler & Drew McIntyre

Queen KB:  This is a hard one. Give the Tag Team Championships to the Shield who are rebuilding themselves, or keep it on the team that really needs the straps and have to keep moving forward or will becoming stagnant. Catch 22 here! Honestly, I don’t really care about this as much as I feel I should, but that’s Raw for you lately! If you haven’t seen Botch’s reaction to Raw this week, you really should check it out. Beyond that, I really want to see McIntyre get the push he deserves, but I’ve finally gotten over Ziggler and think he needs to start doing something other than wrestling – even though he hasn’t slowed down at all. Maybe he should go work with Cody and Bucks? Standup? Sherpa? Anything but holding McIntyre back, which is what he’s doing at this point. Personally, I’d love to see McIntyre facing Rollins for the IC strap, but that’s just me. Though any reason to see Renee’s beloved man in the ring is a good thing even if I’m not feeling him as a true face right now with his semi-angry face and seriously buff body. Anyway, I’m going to predict this one to go along with another prediction I’m making later. Therefore, somehow, McIntyre and Zigglypuff will retain the Tag Team Championship, at least for now. It will be behind the ref’s back, and dirty, but they will retain.

Queen’s Predicted Winner – Dolph Ziggler & Drew McIntyre

Sovereign Sam:  Drew McIntyre & Dolph Ziggler (c) vs Dean Ambrose & Seth Rollins: This is another match that was added last minute during the go-home episode and it is one that should be a fun one. All four men are fully capable to deliver a great performance in the ring and this should be another one. Rollins has been on a tear throughout the past year or so and Ambrose has shown a different side since returning. McIntyre is someone who struggled during his initial run with the company but has found his groove and I cannot wait to see what he does next. Ziggler has consistently been underutilized so this partnership with McIntyre has given him new life. It could be too soon for Ziggler and McIntyre to drop the titles, but WWE could decide to give the Shield all the titles. That would be unique to see three men holding all the men’s titles at once. I will go with my initial feeling about this match and try not to persuade myself to go the other direction.

A Sovereign Winner – Dolph Ziggler & Drew McIntyre

Duke Dre:  This is another one I’ve gone back and forth on because, from a creative standpoint, it makes sense for either of them to win here. Just like I picked Roman to stand victories at the end of HIAC (I’ll get to that later) I’m also expecting his Shield brothers to do the same and in the process win the tag belts. I don’t expect them to keep them long though because I do think that Dean Ambrose heel turn is still looming.

Winner and New Raw Tag Team Champions – Seth Rollins & Dean Ambrose

Sir Mitch:  This match was really just thrown together as an add-on to the Roman/Braun program. I also fail to see why The B-Team needed to drop the Tag Title to Ziggler and McIntyre for this match as WWE’s Tag divisions are basically a waste of space on TV after a decade of directionless booking. I have little interest in this match what so ever and will simply say all four men involved deserve better than being a meaningless subplot to the Universal Title storyline.

Winners: Who cares?

Magnate Mat:  This is another one I’ve gone back and forth on because, from a creative standpoint, it makes sense for either of them to win here. Just like I picked Roman to stand victories at the end of HIAC (I’ll get to that later) I’m also expecting his Shield brothers to do the same and in the process win the tag belts. I don’t expect them to keep them long though because I do think that Dean Ambrose heel turn is still looming.

Winner  – Seth Rollins & Dean Ambrose

Jester Jason: I expect Dolph & Drew to retain here. I am thinking this because I have Strowman winning the Championship. If this is indeed the case and happens, it could lead to a long term rivalry that should be epic if executed correctly.

Winners: Dolph Ziggler & Drew McIntyre

David, Jr.:  Will I pick the right winner of match, who knows?
I know we have Seth Rollins and Dean Ambrose.
On the August 20th Raw, it was revealed.
That they added Roman to reunite the Shield.

By the way Seth Rollins in Intercontinental Champion, too.
Let’s talk about the opponents, Dolph and Drew.
They won the Tag Team Titles from the B-Team.
Which you could say was the end Axel and Dallas’s dream.

I’m sure this match will go down to the wire.
With the winners being Dolph Ziggler and Drew McIntyre.

Raw Tag Team Championship match:  Dolph Ziggler & Drew McIntyre vs. Seth Rollins & Dean Ambrose

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WWE Smackdown Tag Team Championship match:  New Day vs. Rusev Day

Baron Botch:  The booking on Rusev Day has been rather odd lately.  First, we were hearing that Aiden English was destined to be split from Rusev and Lana but that didn’t happen.  Heck, we even saw them headed for it on TV.  Without much warning, they did an “about face” on it and now, things are great again.  I’m happy with that because I feared for Aiden in the split.  Further, the Universe loves them together so I’m glad the split didn’t come to pass.  The New Day have held the belts longer than any tag team ever and, while I know this is a relatively new run, they don’t need it.  Rusev Day needs the belts for legitimacy so…


Queen KB:  As much as I love New Day (sorry Mitch), I hope that they are transitional Champions. Nothing against New Day, but they were a quick transition when Rowan got injured, AGAIN! I truly hope they give Harper something great to do while Rowan is out, and I hope they give Rusev Day a chance with the straps because they’re more than over right now. I love face vs fave matches, and have no issue with New Day having a short reign. Hopefully, McMahon doesn’t  go against the grain just to troll the fans, while hurting the superstars who deserve the push.

Queen’s Predicted Winner – Rusev Day

Sovereign Sam:  A last-minute official match between arguably the two most over teams on the main roster right now. Rusev and Aiden English have gotten Rusev Day over despite the narrative that they are supposed to be “heels”. New Day are possibly the best tag team of the last five years in the company and continue to get over and not be stale. I think this is a dark horse for “match of the night” because all the participants involved are fully capable of it. The crowd will be split as to who to cheer for and I cannot wait to sit back and watch this match.


Duke Dre:  Easily two of my favorite acts. I’m so conflicted here because my love for the New Day has yet to fizzle but man I’d love to see Rusev & Aiden get a run with those belts. I’ve been really torn here on who to pick because New Day just got their big win over The Bludgeons but Rusev and Aiden have plenty of momentum going into this one. It appears Rusev, Aiden & Lana are all on the same page.  Aww the hell with it, RUSEV DAY will be victorious and walk away with gold..but I think they go over dirty.

Winner and New Smackdown Tag Team Champions – Rusev Day

Sir Mitch:  If you have followed my writing over the last few years, you undoubtedly know that I am one of the few people who simply can’t stand the New Day faction. I am a big fan of all three individuals work – don’t get me wrong, but together their gimmick just gets on my nerves. I just find it so childish and ridiculous!

I’m not sure what’s going on with the Rusev Day breakup angle as Rusev was close to killing English a few weeks ago and now that they’ve won an opportunity to win the Tag Title they are best mates again. So either they have abandoned the original plans or they are planing a “clever swerve.” Either way, I really don’t care!

Winners – Who cares?

Magnate Mat:  5th tag team reign for the New Day and they are rolling along.  The newly-reconciled Rusev Day seem on the same page, but their match on SD this week had some holes and Aiden English might get too aggressive for his own good.

Winners  – New Day

Jester Jason: The overall build for this match has, unfortunately, been lackluster. I expected so much more out of the build that just hasn’t been there. I really hope they put on a better performance in the ring. I am going with Rusev and Aiden English for the win on this one. They have proven themselves in the ring time and time again and have been held back too long.

Winners: Rusev Day

David, Jr.:

Ok, what do I have to say.
About Rusev Day and the New Day.
I can see this match going either way.
For the New Day or Rusev Day.

I’ll pick a winner, Okay.
I’m thinking Rusev Day.
No, wait I think the titles will stay.
I’m going to go with the New Day.

WWE Smackdown Tag Team Championship match:  New Day vs. Rusev Day

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 Jeff Hardy vs. Randy Orton

Baron Botch:  #BAHDon’tCare


Queen KB:  While I understand having a bucket list, I have one myself, but I am realistic about it and get that certain things are not within my physical possibility. I will never climb a mountain, kiss the Blarney Stone, or ride in the Vomit Comet, but they are all on my list. I understand my limitations, but obviously Jeff Hardy hasn’t figured that out yet. Now, I know I’m four years, a month and seven days older than Jeff but I don’t think my sense of self-preservation came in those four years, one month and seven days. So yes, I get the whole bucket list thing, but I think if Jeff does what he wants to do in this match, it will be the end of his career, if not the end of his ability to walk for the rest of his life. Only because I think Jeff is being dumber than a toddler blubbering the words, “But I’m not tired!” am I handing this one to Mr. Roboto!

Queen’s Predicted Winner – Randy Orton

Sovereign Sam:  This is one match that I haven’t really been invested in no matter how much they have tried to sway me. Jeff has given his body to the business and this feels like WWE giving him one of his last hurrahs before he calls it quits. Orton has found a new motivation since turning heel and I am more interested in what he does for the first time in a long time. This match kind of makes sense to take place inside the cell from a story standpoint but at the same time, it doesn’t. I know that many of us are anticipating whether or not Jeff is going to do his Swanton Bomb off the top of the cell and I fear it, because he isn’t as young as he used to be, so I will be holding my breath. I could see either person coming out the winner in this one so it is a bit of a coin flip to me.

A Sovereign Winner – Randy Orton

Duke Dre:  I think most are anticipating this one for the possibly of a Swanton Bomb off the top of a Cell by Jeff Hardy. Add me to that list. It seems to be something that Jeff is dying to scratch off his bucket list and Vince seems happy to oblige. I feel it wouldn’t be fair if I didn’t mention that this feud has been pretty heated from the word go. Orton’s heel turn has been a breath of fresh air for not only him but us, the fans, who were tired of seeing him sleepwalk as a babyface. Orton being the sick, twisted and demented heel is always for the best and that’s for sure been unleashed in this feud.

Jeff’s dare devil antics will surely be the walk and highlight of this match but Orton walks away the victor

Winner – Randy Orton

Sir Mitch:  Before I wrote these predicts, I wrote a tweet to Mick Foley that read: “Mick, at some point this week, sit Jeff Hardy side and tell him that for the fans sake, your sake, and, most importantly, Jeff’s family’s sake, don’t do something stupid on top of the Cell like jumping off of it!”

I would hope that higher-ups in WWE would insist on Jeff not doing something on the top of the Cell at all for his own safety. Then again, they always approve anytime he wants to jump off a 20 foot ladder or a 30 feet platform attached to the stage, don’t they? I don’t care about the program these two have had thus far, I just don’t want Jeff to kill himself or Randy for that matter!

Winner – Who cares as long as they are both still alive afterwards!

Magnate Mat: 

Jeff jumps off cell, Randy does not.  Randy Orton wins, Jeff gets some time off.

Winner  – Randy Orton

Jester Jason:  This is the match that was supposed to happen back in 2008 following the swanton bomb onto Orton off the Raw set (Look it up)! Here we are 10 years later and finally getting this match. If executed correctly, this has potential to be the match of the night. I am thinking Randy Orton goes over here, even though I am a massive Jeff Hardy fan. I think that leads to Bray Wyatt crossing over and teaming with either Willow or Brother Nero.

Winner: Randy Orton

David, Jr.:

This match takes place in the Hell in the Cell.
And who knows what Jeff Hardy will do, once they ring that bell.
Will he get out of the cell and climb to the top?
Will he jump off to get a big pop?

I think he will try to do something to steal the show.
But Jeff Hardy will lose to Randy Orton after the RKO.

Winner: Randy Orton

Hell in a Cell: Jeff Hardy vs. Randy Orton

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Mixed Tag match:  Daniel Bryan & Brie Bella vs. The Miz & Maryse

Baron Botch:  The only thing that remotely interests me about this match is the continuation of the feud between Miz & Daniel.  Beyond that, thank you very next.  The Divas (yeah, I said it) are of no interest.

THE WINNAH  – Daniel Bryan & Brie Bella

Queen KB:  There’s no way to end this match clean. It just cannot happen at this point in their feud. I’m thrilled to see Brie and Maryse working this match. I know a lot of people aren’t, but by putting these Divas into the mix only draws this Miz/Bryan feud out longer, but in a very organic way. It’s also great to see these two moms are not being held back by Birdie and Monroe, which too many moms let happen – especially with their first babies. I truly think these two women are Divas, not wrestlers who just happen to be female, but that doesn’t kill all this for me. In fact, I’m loving this feud so much more than the Miz/Maryse vs Cena/Nikki, and that’s because this is a small part of a much bigger feud, while that one was just about the couples. So much greatness in this feud!

Queen’s Predicted Winner – Serious DQ

Sovereign Sam:  Here we have a continuation of the Daniel Bryan/Miz rivalry that has finally come to fruition and I am excited for it. I expect the bulk of this match to have Bryan and Miz in the ring, but I think it would be fair for Maryse and Brie to get in on the action as well. I do think Brie is the better wrestler of the Bella twins and Maryse knows enough to not look lost in there. This has middle of the card feel to it so choosing a winner could be a bit of a challenge. I think I will go with my gut on this one and choose the one that makes the most sense to me.

A Sovereign Winner – Daniel Bryan & Brie Bella

Duke Dre:  I’m all for this Bryan/Miz rivalry but this mixed tag match just isn’t doing it for me. No disrespect to Brie or Maryse because mixed tag matches have never really been my thing. I will admit that the build for this one has been solid despite my bias against Mixed Tag matches. I feel like Miz will continue to one-up Bryan for the foreseeable future until get the final blow off for this feud between the two whenever that may be (hopefully WrestleMania 35) so I’m rolling with the Miz and Maryse

Winner  – Miz & Maryse

Sir Mitch:  If this were just another one on one match between Bryan and The Miz, I would be pumped as their program has been one of the few programs on WWE TV in the last few months I have actually enjoyed…but then they added their wives into the program “sigh.”

In the era of Women’s Wrestling, its truly mind-boggling why WWE’s higher-ups still insist on giving women of the “Diva” era who can’t work a match to save their lives such prominent spots on WWE TV once every few months for huge matches and programs.

As Bryan and Miz will face off once more at Super Showdown in three weeks for a future WWE Title shot, it really doesn’t matter who goes over in this one. Thus…I don’t care!

Winner via cash-in – Who cares as long as Brie doesn’t try another suicide dive!

Magnate Mat:  Miz got the first W at SummerSlam, DB with the returning Brie Bella get the W this go round.  Pending DBs upcoming deal (if he resigns), his will not be the last match between the two

Winner  – Daniel Bryan & Brie Bella

Jester Jason:  For this match, I am not really sold on the Bella’s being back in the WWE, but I do like having a mixed tag match here. The chemistry between the four of these superstars has been, and usually is, really good in the ring. I am going with Miz and Maryse for the win on this one. This would set up a return match between Brie and Maryse at Evolution.

Winner: Miz & Maryse

David, Jr.:

Picking a winner of this match, I will try.
I think I’ll pick the parents of Monroe Sky.
No wait, I don’t think so.
I’ll pick the parents of Birdie Joe.

Yes! Yes! That’s who the winners will be.
I’m going with Daniel and Brie.

Winner: Daniel Bryan & Brie Bella

Mixed Tag match:  Daniel Bryan & Brie Bella vs. The Miz & Maryse

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WWE Women’s Raw Women’s Championship match:  Ronda Rousey vs. Alexa Bliss

Baron Botch:  Gee, I’m dying to see…okay, I’m not.  There is one person in this match who can work…and it’s not the title holder.  How does this even happen? The woman holding the title can’t talk and can’t work.  I mean…I understand that main roster stuff is for the casual fan – really, I do.  I also get that this is entertainment – at least I get it as best I can.  This, however, takes us out of the scope of believability.  Alexa will be carrying this match from beginning to end and it can’t go on too long.  She’s up for it as she can really work.  Ronda’s skills will improve at some point…but it hasn’t happened yet.  They’ve rushed her into a position she has no business being in yet.  She should still be at PC getting better – not carrying a championship belt.  The bizarre thing is that I don’t see this foolishness ending either.

THE WINNAH AND STILL!!!! – Ronda Rousey

Queen KB:  I’m not happy about this, but it is what it is. I truly hope they don’t force horribly light foundation and powder on Ronda for this match, because the Halloween look wasn’t good at SummerSlam, and won’t be any better for HIAC! It didn’t make her look scarier, just like a kid from the 80s who didn’t know what she was doing with makeup and trying to look punk!

The only thing I can come up with is that this will be a short match and Bliss will lose so that she can face Trish at Evolution without question of the strap being involved. Nothing against Trish, just that I doubt it’s in her contract for her to become Champion one more time, so why have her in a match with Bliss as Champion at Evolution? Further, I’ll be shocked if either Nattie, Nikki, Foxy, or anyone else gets involved with this one. It’s just one of those matches. Personally, I’d be all for Bliss winning the strap if Evolution wasn’t right around the corner, but it is, so Ronda will be retaining. Yawn.

Queen’s Predicted Winner – Ronda Rousey

Sovereign Sam:  I really have no expectations for this match. Rousey is very green in the ring and Alexa, while able to hold her own, isn’t the top tier with some of the other women on the roster. If this match goes anywhere near 10 minutes, I will be surprised. WWE is clearly going all in with Rousey and she is probably going to hold this strap all the way until Wrestlemania next year. I feel bad for Bliss because this will probably be another squash match and it will totally kill the crowd.

A Sovereign Winner and STILL – Ronda Rousey

Duke Dre:  Last Monday was the first time that Ronda had taken any punishment during a significant portion of a match. It’s to get the audience to believe that Bliss may have exploited a weakness in Ronda’s armor. Even with that, I’m still not buying that Bliss has any sort of chance in this one in this one so I’m picking Ronda.

Winner  – Ronda Rousey

Sir Mitch:  The first match these two had lasted as long as it takes Duke Dre to get petty lately, but there is good reason for that! Ronda is still VERY green and can’t work in singles matches for longer than 5 minutes. Even then, she’ll make several embarrassing botches (see her match with Nia Jax at Money In The Bank for reference) so hopefully, this match will go longer than the last one, but not too much longer.

Once again, it doesn’t really matter who goes over here as Alexa has been booked to work with Trish Stratus at Evolution. Worse, Ronda vs. Nikki Bella (sigh) is all but confirmed to the main event that show and it doesn’t really matter which match will feature the Title since WWE will book both matches as bigger than Championships.

Call this one another match I could care less about!

Winner – Who cares as long as Ronda doesn’t botch too often!

Magnate Mat:  Rousey has done ok since her debut in April, but still a bit rough around the edges. Bliss is probably the best villain the womens roster has seen in some time – Bliss wins by DQ, but Rousey retains.

Winner  – Alexa Bliss via DQ

Jester Jason:  Barring any interference, this is an easy choice with Rousey retaining her Championship.

Winner: Ronda Rousey

David, Jr.:

Here we have Alexa Bliss vs. Ronda Rousey
It could be good, or it could be lousy.
So where am I going with this?
Ok, I’m not picking Alexa Bliss.

I can’t see her losing her title just yet.
Ronda Rousey, my pick, is the safe bet.

Winner: Ronda Rousey

WWE Women's Raw Women's Championship match:  Ronda Rousey vs. Alexa Bliss

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WWE Smackdown Women’s Championship match:  Charlotte Flair vs. Becky Lynch

Baron Botch:  This should be fun but why is this not in the cell?  Both of these ladies can work their faces off and their friends in real life so the chemistry will be off the chain.  I also think this is the match where WWE will troll us.  They know what we want.  They know we want Becky to take back her championship.  I don’t think that’s what we’ll get.  I also think they can get more mileage out of this feud so…

THE WINNAH AND STILL!!!! – Charlotte Flair

Queen KB:  I truly hope their work in the ring will live up to the feud they’ve built. As I’ve said, besties are the best feuds, and having both of them heels to each other, but really faces overall is the right move. It’s a great way to run a feud, which I hope will continue for quite a while. There’s so much greatness in these two women that they could steal the show, and would have had the chance to do so if they were in a HIAC, as they should be. Charlotte proved that she could handle HIAC with the best of them, and while Sasha was great in the previous HIAC, I have a gut feeling that Charlotte and Becky could top that in a huge way. I think I’ll just have to imagine a HIAC around them, because doing it once is a huge step, but also a bit of a novelty if it’s only done once. All that being said, I see something happening that leads to Charlotte retaining the strap. Charlotte and Becky need to headline Evolution for the strap, and that’s where Becky will beat Charlotte clean and earn the strap in the process.

Queen’s Predicted Winner – Charlotte Flair

Sovereign Sam:  These two women are two of the best workers on the whole roster and I expect this match to be a very good one. Becky has found new life since turning heel on Charlotte. Charlotte does fine in the role she is given, and she always puts on good matches. I think WWE has a very good chance here to do something special with this match. I am thinking along the lines of Austin vs Hart when Austin passed out in the Sharpshooter rather than tap out. I think they can do that here with Becky to fully cement her in this new role she finds herself in. I expect a good back and forth match and one that could very well steal the show.

A Sovereign Winner – Charlotte Flair

Duke Dre:  Aww yes, the match I’m definitely looking forward to the most at HIAC. Most people think that the roles should be swapped with Becky as the face and Charlotte as the heel but I disagree because Becky has been amazing as heel this far and is the most compelling on the roster by far at the moment. She’s knocking this out the park. As for Charlotte, well she plays the naive babyface pretty well.

Most Charlotte and Becky both have valid points which makes this whole thing all the more compelling. Becky is Killmonger or Magneto to Charlotte’s Professor X or T’Challa and that dynamic between the two is a welcomed dynamic for me.

I’ve gone back and forth on this one and have decided to roll the dice with Charlotte but this one is definitely far from over.

Winner  – Charlotte Flair

Sir Mitch:  This is the only match on this show that I care about! As I’m sure you all know, I have been a MASSIVE fan of Becky Lynch for years now and have never been able to understand why she has not been pushed harder. Meanwhile, Charlotte is the only person in WWE who has been pushed harder than Roman Reigns. In fact, she has never been booked to go under in a singles match on a PPV/Network special in her entire main roster career. Not only that, I’m not sure she has even been booked to take a pin. Her win/loss record in PPV/Network specials is 14-2. John Cena was never even booked that strong for crying out loud!

Once again, due to future matches being booked it doesn’t matter who goes over here as these two will face off for the Title again at least two more times. I just hope Becky keeps getting to play a Stone Cold Steve Austin type character on TV and WWE’s higher-ups aren’t dumb enough to try and turn her heel again when she obviously has the audience behind her!

Winner: Who cares as long as “Stone Cold” Becky is still a thing!

Magnate Mat:  Charlotte is boring when she’s being “good”, Becky has been on fire since she “turned” on Charlotte and got the crowd 1000 percent behind her – this could go either way, I could see Becky winning by submission

Winner  – Becky Lynch

Jester Jason:  Try as they may, WWE just cannot get Becky over as a heel with the crowds! I fully believe Becky will leave with the Women’s Championship.

Winner: Becky Lynch

David, Jr.:

First, we have the champion, Charlotte Flair.
Who claims, she won title, fair and square.

Then, we have the challenger, Becky Lynch.
It’s like the championship is Christmas and Becky is the Grinch.

Yes, Becky wants to steal the title from her former friend.
But I think Charlotte Flair wins in the end.

Winner:Charlotte Flair

WWE Smackdown Women's Championship match:  Charlotte Flair vs. Becky Lynch

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WWE Championship match:  AJ Styles vs. Samoa Joe

Baron Botch:  OH, WEEEEEENDYYYYYYYYY!!!!!  Why is that not a t-shirt?  

Okay, so I must confess something:  Since I’ve begun assembling the predictions here, I sometimes read the others before I make mine.  For this match, I read Mitch’s…and I think he’s gone completely daffy (thanks, Noam).  While I sort of used to feel as Mitch does, AJ Styles & Samoa Joe is always “must see” regardless of how many times we see it.  They work their faces off and they made sure I was into this.  They’ve both sold this sufficiently and I’m all about this match.  AJ has held the title since Grover Cleveland was inaugurated as the 24th President of the United States back in 1893 so it’s time for someone else to run with it.  

Incidentally, I still can’t get over how much time both of them wasted in TNA/Impact/Whatever.  That we’re only getting them here now is a complete miscarriage of justice.


Queen KB:  I’m looking forward to this match, but I have always looked forward to their matches since I first saw them in the ring in TNA. So much greatness in those two, and together they are so much greater! Their matches are so much more than the sum of their parts. We all know what I just stated, and I could go on and on about how great this match will be, but I need to predict this match somehow. It’s more than time Joe wins this strap, but I have to wonder where Bryan and Miz fall in on the WWE Championship, because their WrestleMania match would be that much greater if Miz or Bryan had the strap, and the other wins the Royal Rumble Match. I worry that they won’t drop the strap off Joe to move the Bry/Miz storyline forward. I’m so torn on this one, so I’m going to stick to AJ here, though I don’t know how he’s going to pull it off. Lastly, I don’t care if I lose on this one, because both AJ retaining or Joe winning, I’m good with it. Therefore I’m going with Joe winning via DQ, so AJ retains the title and pushes their storyline further.

Queen’s Predicted Winner – AJ Styles

Sovereign Sam:  AJ vs Joe is a rivalry that has pretty much written itself based on all their previous matches in TNA and this has been my favorite main roster rivalry this year. Joe’s promos are on another level and he may be the best guy on the mic right now. AJ is the top guy in WWE right now and that is something I never thought I would say. Their match at Summerslam was stellar and I expect more of the same here. I am a bit disappointed that this isn’t inside the Cell because it certainly would demand it any other year. It is hard to imagine AJ dropping the title now because this seems like a reign that could last a very long time. I have my own idea as to when and to who he will drop it to, but that is a discussion for another day.

A Sovereign Winner – AJ Styles

Duke Dre:  This feud reminds me so much of the Rocky/Clubber Lang rivalry in Rocky III. Like Clubber Lang, Samoa Joe is the freaking master when it comes to trash talk and getting under someone’s skin. A case can be made here for Joe to win the strap here but I’m gonna stick with my gut instinct and pick AJ here in what should be a very good match.

Winner  – AJ Styles

Sir Mitch:  Why do I get the feeling I’ve seen this match before? Oh, that’s right…its because I have! Hundreds of times! In TNA/Impact Wrestling!!!  Look, don’t get me wrong; these two are incapable of having a bad match together. Still, after over a decade of working with each other on and off, what more can the possibly do?

AGAIN, these two are yet another pair booked to face each other for a Title match at Super Showdown so it doesn’t matter who goes over!

Winner  – Who cares?  We’ve seen it all before!

Magnate Mat:  Samoa Joe has been disrespectful beyond belief in this feud, bringing AJs wife Wendy and children into it. He says he wants to help AJ be a better father, and he will.

Winner  – Samoa Joe

Jester Jason:  This match has everything to be completely off the charts! The chemistry, heat, and work has been incredible leading up to this match. In past matches between these two, they have not failed to put up a spectacle. I am expecting this to be easily a 30 minute long match with intense back and forth action. I am going with AJ to retain the title in this one.

Winner: AJ Styles

David, Jr.:

I’m going have to pick a winner, quick.
I think I will need help with this pick.
Oh Wendy! Which way do I go?
Do I pick a new Champion, in Samoa Joe?

Or should I go with your husband, AJ?
So, Wendy, what do you say?
Does AJ Styles lose, or does he make the pin?
Ok, if you won’t pick, I’ll go with AJ Styles to win.

Winner: AJ Styles

WWE Championship match:  AJ Styles vs. Samoa Joe

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 WWE Universal Championship match:  Roman Reigns vs. Braun Strowman

Baron Botch:  This is the one where storyline matters the most.  No, I’m not about to go into the tired old “Roman can’t work” chestnut.  The match will be well-worked.  Both will see to that and they have the chops to do it.  I’m just saying that there’s a lot of storyline going on here.  Does Braun blow the cash-in?  Do The Shield get involved?  Do Dolph & Drew get involved?  I say “yes” to all three.  Roman hasn’t had the title long enough and Braun won’t take it here.

Oh yeah…and Mick Foley will be there to for reasons I can’t quite figure out or be bothered to care about.

THE WINNAH – Roman Reigns

Queen KB:  This is THE match I’m most giddy over. I cannot wait to see Strowman in a HIAC match, because he’s going to take us to a whole new level, and show us that he deserves to be up there with the best of the monsters of all time. I don’t like that he went heelish with Ziggler and McIntyre, but that’s McMahon for you. My biggest feeling about this match is that no one gets hurt, beyond that, I’m excited for this one. I do wish it was someone other than Reigns, but that’s me at this point. That being said, I think it’s time fore Strowman to win the strap. I doubt it will happen, but I have to go with my heart on this one, and my heart says that it’s at least a year late for Strowman to win the Universal strap. Further, I think Strowman with the strap will be so much more fun than either Brock Lesnar or Roman Reigns. He’s on Raw each week and oozes personality and is really over with the fans, that something that all Universal Champions should have, but haven’t through most of the time that Championship has been in rotation.

Queen’s Predicted Winner – Braun Strowman

Sovereign Sam:  This match has the last-minute addition of Mick Foley as the special guest referee and quite honestly, that adds nothing to this match. This could be one of the most physical Hell in a Cell matches that has happened because both men have had physical encounters in the past. This match also has the added wrinkle of being Strowman’s cash-in for his Money in the Bank briefcase. That may sway some people in how this match will go but I think I will go with my initial feeling of this. I know some may say that conquering Brock is the crowning of Roman as the guy in WWE, but I think this will be the true crowning. If Roman defeats his true rival inside the cell, then that will be the sign he is the top guy. Both men have had great and fun matches in the past, so I fully expect this to be another one. I also expect some sort of interference from the Shield and Dolph/McIntyre, but it won’t affect the outcome of the match too much.

A Sovereign Winner  – Roman Reigns

Duke Dre:  It’s only appropriate that this near 2 year rivalry concludes inside a Cell. I mean after all we’ve seen these guys try to kill each other on live TV.  Adding Foley as the special guest ref last minute seems a bit random seeing how he hasn’t had any interaction with either guy recently or at all.  Seeing how Roman is just coming off of his big win against Brock at Summerslam I don’t think he drops it here. I expect Roman to win a brutal one but in clean fashion.

Winner  – Roman Reigns

Sir Mitch:  The whole situation that lead to this match just makes me laugh. Roman was always going to go over at SummerSlam and be anointed as Vince McMahon’s new chosen one despite the fact the audience just isn’t with him. The lengths Vince and company have gone to to get Roman any kind of pop the last few weeks has far surpassed anything they have tried to do before AND THAT IS SAYING SOMETHING!!!

From having Braun at ringside at SummerSlam to tease a cash in of his MITB briefcase so fans would cheer the title change and cut the broadcast before fans realised they were being trolled and started booing louder than they ever have before, to the Shield reuniting the next night on Raw in order for Roman to get a pop (only for fans to still boo him anytime the camera focused on him and not Rollins and Ambrose), to turning Braun heel and having him side with Ziggler and McIntyre even though Braun was and still is far more over with the audience.

At this point, I am tuning in to this match and the follow Raw’s just to laugh my head off at this ridiculously illogical booking and to see how much further Vince can possibly dig this hole he’s digging!

Winner – Who cares, this nonsense is just too funny!

Magnate Mat:  Cashing in his MITB Briefcase, Strowman SHOULD win this match, but he won’t because Roman. The Universal Title might actually mean something if it went to Strowman and Roman had to fight to get it back, but that won’t happen. Roman retains.

Winner  – Roman Reigns

Jester Jason:  This has intensity ramped up to the complete max with the build up! I expect this to honestly be the final match of the night because it seems quite predictable that the cage will get broken, allowing others to get involved. My winner for this one is Braun Strowman. If the belt doesn’t go on him, I have lost faith in Vince!

Winner: Braun Strowman

David, Jr.:

These Two Men will be going to Hell.
When they step inside the Cell.
Say that in your Jim Ross voice.
Or Vince McMahon’s, it’s your choice.

We’ve got the Champion, Roman Reigns.
Who will need to use some brawn and some brains.
To defeat the monster in the bank, Braun Strowman.
So, do I go with Braun or Roman?

Oh yeah, this match has a guest referee.
It is the one and only, Mick Foley.
You know the guy who had the famous fall.
I don’t think this match, will have anything like that at all.

Nor will it have a debut like Kane.
But I am picking Roman Reigns to retain.

Winner: Roman Reigns

Hell in a Cell WWE Universal Championship match: Roman Reigns vs. Braun Strowman

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So there you have it!