Ambrose Nearly Died

Originally Dean Ambrose was under the impression that he’d be out for about four months due to his torn triceps tendon, but when the surgeon got in there, things were much worse than previously thought.  This isn’t an unusual injury for wrestlers, but when they got in there his triceps was starting to atrophy.  He couldn’t flex his triceps after that surgery as something went wrong, possibly due to the infection, so they had to go back in a second time.  He had both MRSA and a Staph infection.  He was in hospital for a week plugged into IV antibiotics, then months more of oral antibiotics that messed with his digestive system.

In typical Ambrose fashion, he stated, “To go from not being able to eat my Froot Loops, to being able to get back in the ring and throw people around and throw punches and do everything back to normal, it was a very gratifying feeling.”


QD – This is really scary.  Infection can be so much worse than the original injury or health issue.  No matter how careful everyone is, hospitals are Petri dishes of serious ickyness.  I’m thrilled he’s back and doing so well because bouncing back through antibiotics on top of everything else you need to recover from can be so much harder.