Jest on Jason Jordan

We learned earlier this week that Jason Jordan may never be cleared to wrestle again in WWE. So what is to become of him in the future? Jordan has proven himself both in and out of the ring on Raw and WWE programming. Even though the whole storyline of him being Kurt Angle’s son was bogus and not bought well, here’s my thoughts on what they can do with Jordan in the future.

The first is an obvious choice where they choose to go with him on camera in a non-wrestling role, similar to that of Daniel Bryan in the past. The best role I am thinking of is that he is the new GM of Raw in place of Angle. Now here’s my thinking of how this could play out. Angle returns to Raw as GM following his “suspension” and Stephanie says that he was indeed fired. Angle replies with something along the lines of that he knew that and he already chose his replacement. After saying this, Jason Jordan comes out as the obvious replacement of GM.

The second is the same as the first, but more complex. Jason Jordan is announced as the replacement of Angle, but Stephanie doesn’t agree and this leads to a match at an upcoming PPV between Angle and Corbin. The winner will determine the next GM of Raw with Corbin representing himself, or someone else, and Kurt representing Jordan.

The third option is that Jordan works backstage in a non-camera role. Personally, I feel this provides a major disservice to Jason and the work he has done both in the ring and on the mic. He hasn’t been the strongest on either of those, but he has shown improvement, similar to Corbin when he first took over the GM role of Raw.  Of course, all of this is dependent upon WWE not playing us and that he indeed can’t wrestle again.