205 Live To Air At A New Time? (UPDATED)

205 Live might be going through some changes when SmackDown Live moves to Friday’s in October 2019, but they may already be getting a new timeslot.

Multiple reports are coming in stating that starting next week, 205 Live will air on Wednesday at 7:00 PM Eastern on the WWE Network.

If this is true, the WWE Mixed Match Challenge won’t need to rush off the air because 205 Live won’t need to air afterward just like last year. And WWE won’t have to worry about fans leaving the arena before 205 Live starts (due to the complete lack of exposure and promotion the CW’s get outside of the WWE Network) as the show will be taped an hour before Smackdown every week.

The first week’s episode is slated to feature Cedric Alexander defending the WWE Cruiserweight Championship against Drew Gulak. Only time will tell what the future holds for the Cruiserweight Division, but it looks like they’re getting another chance to bring in some viewership during the timeslot with a little less competition.

Update: 205 Live GM Drake Maverick has confirmed the day and time change on Twitter:

Sir Mitch Says: Maybe after the Mixed Match Challenge, they’ll bring back Talking Smack and air it straight after Smackdown? Yeah, in your dreams Sir Mitch “sigh.”