Matt Hardy Retires from In-Ring?

Following his match on Saturday evening in Corpus Christi, TX, Matt Hardy was seen backstage doing an interview, which was posted on his YouTube page. In the video he states that his match there was to be his last one. He also went on to say to never say never though and things can change down the road. We have been following along with the cryptic tweets Matt has been posting lately and how he has been in pain as his pelvic bone and lower back have been fusing together.

We here at Wrestle Royalty are unsure if this is an official retirement from in-ring or a work where he is retiring the Woken gimmick. The video is embedded into this story and you can draw your own conclusion on if it’s real or staged. On the YouTube posting, Matt also has this in his description:

Thank you for letting me live my dream for 26 years, wrestling fans. I don’t necessarily wish it was this way, but it’s time to go home. Time to go home and be a father. Time to go home and be a husband. I did so much more than I ever imagined I would do. Thanks for making this incredible journey with me, ladies and gentlemen. I love you all.” – Matt Hardy

Only time will tell if this is indeed a legitimate retirement or a storyline. We will keep you up to date as we learn more about this breaking news story.