Jest on HIAC Main Event

During the course of this opinion, I will be breaking down my thoughts on the main event from Hell In A Cell (HIAC) last night. This article WILL contain spoilers so if you have not watched the event yet, or do not wish to have it spoiled, PLEASE exit the article now!

During yesterday’s main event of HIAC, we saw Braun Strowman go against Roman Reigns for the Universal Championship. We had an absolutely incredible match of strength happening between the two, then for whatever reason, Ambrose/Rollins and Ziggler/McIntyre came out to the side of the Cell and started fighting. This led to Rollins and Ziggler going off the side of the Cell and through two different announce tables. Following this, Brock Lesnar showed up, kicking in the door to HIAC and laying waste to both Strowman and Reigns. The only question I had at that point is why? Why would WWE throw away a spectacular match that was happening for nothing that mattered?

I understand the idea that Vince and the others in WWE had going into this match to make it more into a rivalry. However, all it did was divide the WWE Universe and make them hate it even more. They should have NEVER interrupted the match happening in the Cell, as I said, because it was incredible to that point! All bringing them out to the ring did was create a distraction from what was happening in the actual ring.

There is only one scenario I can think of that would have made all of this work so both the home audience and crowd didn’t turn on this match. How it should have played out, or at least made sense, was to leave Rollins/Ambrose and Ziggler/McIntyre backstage. While they were backstage, Lesnar should have come out to the ring and kicked in the Cell door, as he did. This could have led to the others showing up and attacking Lesnar in solidarity.

The reason I think this might have worked better is Heyman promised following SummerSlam that Lesnar would appear at Hell In A Cell and invoke his rematch clause. That statement, plus Angle saying it wouldn’t happen, all but wrote the fact that it would happen one way or another. We already know the WWE Universe doesn’t like Lesnar or Reigns, so by the others coming out, it could have shown unity against Lesnar.

So what did you think of the match and what do you think could have been done to prevent a negative reaction? Please let us know in the comments below!