Mysterio Signs Two-Year Contract

After so many questions and so few answers, we finally know that Rey Mysterio has signed a two-year deal with the WWE!  Previously Mysterio wanted an eighteen-month contract, but the WWE wanted to lock him down for two years.  In the end, the contract is for two years, but Mysterio has a clause to get out after eighteen months if need be.  There’s a question about whether he will be working a full schedule or mostly live shows and PPVs so he can spend more time with his family.  We will report on that as the information comes in.


QD – If Rey’s knees are doing as well as I hear they are, I’m giddy to have him back in the WWE.  Watching so much of Rey’s early work in WCW, and when he was brought into the WWE under the hood, as he should have stayed (dang Bischoff!), I’ve been reminded of how over he was and how badly the WWE has screwed up with almost every Luchador who has come through.  Not going into another McMahon rant, just saying that Rey is the only hooded superstar who remained under a hood and got over with the fans.