It Might Be Offensive

After so many years writing about Impact and Raw, much of the time SD is so much better and a delight to write about. Yes, there will always be issues (not going into a McMahon rant), but regularly SD is a fantastic show and I’m really glad that Botch strong-armed me into writing it. He does such a great job with Raw, and I’m loving this SD thing, so I have to thank him for all he’s done with and for WR, and pushing me at SD is one of those things I’m eternally grateful for.


Maryse TV

This is exactly what I was hoping for. Maybe not this way, but one of these two need to be WWE Champion so the other can win the Royal Rumble Match and then they can be the main event at WrestleMania.

Maryse saying she’s a better athlete than Brie made me laugh. I know Maryse had Monroe Sky much more recently than Birdie was born, but I’ve never thought of Maryse as the better athlete. She has an amazing body, but she wasn’t ready for that match at HIAC. I’m glad she’s going back home, she did her part in this feud, now it’s time to enjoy being a mother.

Bryan is such a good guy, but Maryse took harder bumps at HIAC. It’s not as if she’s pregnant, and not as if she’s selling very well – at all.


Punching His Ticket

Bryan didn’t think Miz would stoop so low? Has he met Miz before?


Old Day

I know that Mitch loathes New Day, and in this segment, I understand why, completely! Between the lame Aussie jokes and their overall looks, it fell really flat for me. The only comment that was at all funny was Kofi’s comment on accents.


They Are Nothing Without Me!

English really stepped in it this time, and did a great job doing it! When they didn’t win at HIAC, I had a feeling they might be going in this direction. I really wish they’d won and gotten the push they were so ready for.


Gag Me With A Screwdriver

I refused to watch Orton all over Jeff’s ear when he went after it previously, so I surely couldn’t watch this. Though I have to say that Orton was rather commanding in a way I’ve been asking for lately, so maybe someone within the WWE is actually listening? Maybe?


English Is His Second Language

It really feels as though Rusev is getting the Ziggler treatment. They push him and the fans are loving him, then, just before he gets the gold, they pull back. Between HIAC and this match, it feels as though Rusev peed in someone’s Cheerios. I’ll admit that I wasn’t a Rusev fan from word go, and I thought that Lana was the best part of him, but I’ve watched him grow in a huge way and I’m so loving him and Lana with English, until shocker of all shockers, English turned on Rusev. Actually, I love the way they handled English’s turn here. It was very toddler not getting his own way, so he’s going to break his toy before anyone else can play with it. It was fantastic, and this feud should be as good for them as being together, no matter whether Botch thinks they waited a couple weeks too long to pull this trigger.


Almas Impresses

Almas has been doing great on the main roster, and I’m not feeling him at all. I know I’m a bit biased because I don’t want to see Zelina squandered as his manager when she should be working the Women’s Division, but I’m trying to look past it. I also struggle with him because I don’t get any feels from him at all. His ring work is really impressive, but I don’t get feels from him in any way. He’s a robot in some ways, and while he’s getting better, I don’t get the feels from him. All that being said, he’s killing it in the ring, and it amazing to see how he can work with anyone and give a great match. It looks like if things continue as they are, he’s going to be a top guy, and I’m excited to watch him grow and evolve into a main event WWE superstar.

As always, AJ was great in the ring with Almas, and the continued story with Joe after the match was wonderful. I was shocked to see Joe flee through the fans, but I guess we all have to do that at one point or another.


Poor Asuka

I feel horrible for her. She’s one of the best on the roster and getting the crap end of the stick. She deserves better, so much better. Not only is she amazing in the ring, but she also oozes everything that’s great in the SD Women’s Division, yet she’s she’s stuck facing Billie Kay who isn’t even up to Jillian Hall standards – voice and ring work. Sad to see how the mighty has fallen. Maybe running with Naomi will help in some way. Possibly they will be the first WWE Women’s Tag Team Champions? I really like that idea.


Wild Lass Kicker!

I wish I could give this a 4.9, as very little truly deserve a 5, but this was close enough that I cannot give it a measly 4.5. The best thing I can say about a segment is that if you haven’t seen it, go watch it now. I’ll wait. Seriously, if you’ve not seen this segment, open a new tab, or turn on your TV and watch it, I’m serious, I will wait! GO!

Okay, now that you’ve seen it you can see where I’m coming from with this segment! Both of these women worked their ass off on mic, hitting moves, and selling every little bit of their pain. This was downright fantastic and while it took too long for them to pull the trigger on this, these besties know how to work together in the best of ways. Totally loving every bit of this, other than Road Dogg and Goldust on Twitter, but they are more than ignorable in the grand scheme of things.


Final Flush

Some really great moments, some eh moments, but ending SD with Becky and Charlotte was genius. These women are at the top of their game and deserve the main event slot to tell their story and beat the heck out of each other. So much beauty from this roster, which is a great way to make up for Raw and that horrible ending to HIAC.

Queen KB