Madison Rayne Signs With ROH

Madison Rayne has signed a one year contract with ROH.  Rayne was eliminated from the May Young Classic in the first round, and while she’s had a great 2018, she’s struggled the past couple years.  This signing came at a great time for her as she wasn’t sure fairly recently if she was going to continue in the wrestling industry at all.  She went from confusion over her career to having worked for every major wrestling company in the USA and All In PPV.



QD – When I first saw this I was the WWE, not ROH, and I was bouncing off the walls.  Then I realized it was ROH, a show I struggle to find.  For Rayne I will hunt down ROH if it takes up all my time.  She’s grown so much over the past thirteen years, and while I’m thrilled that she has a solid contract, and hopefully her time in ROH will lead to a WWE contract.  If you’d told me ten years ago that I’d be singing the praises of Madison Rayne, I’d have told you that you’re completely off your rocker, but I’ve grown through the years, as has she.