I’m-a Show Up and I’m-a Show Out!

Hey, kids.  It’s the Baron of all things Botch with another exciting look at “The Illustrious Future” that is NXT.  My apologies for missing you guys last week.  While I did watch last week’s episode (I will always do that), work got the better of me and I couldn’t write it.  A thousand lashes with a wet ring rope and all that.  It was a fun episode too.  The Bianca Belair/Nikki Cross match was amazing!


Dakota Kai &  Deonna Purrazzo vs. Aliyah & Lacey Evans

Aliyah…LOL!  The way she playfully dissed a small section of the crowd when she posed with them in front of the ring was a riot.  Great instincts!  She continued to similarly act up during the match and she may finally be finding her groove.  Lacey is full of heel-y goodness and I’m starting to really warm to her.  This has some nice back and forth and Lacey finished it off with her Woman’s Right.  If I’m not mistaken, this is the first women’s tag match on NXT television in ages.


Backstage segment – Velveteen Dream

This was short but effective.  It sold Dream’s ego well.


Cinéma de Ball – Street Profits (Montez Ford & Angelo Dawkins)

Montez is dripping in personality and he did most of the talking here.  We saw some real determination from him too.  Usually, he’s all good times and laughter but this was different…and I liked it!  Angelo isn’t quite on that level but he can be fun too.  Good segment.


Backstage segment – Bianca Belair

She was harried here just like she should have been.  She didn’t know what to do with herself and it was great.


Humberto Carrillo vs. Jaxson Ryker

Jaxson, of course, did hard time in TNA/Impact/whatever and now we’re getting him here in a quite different role.  Here, he’s the imposing big guy.  This was a jobber match through and through but it was done fairly well.  I will say that I was less than thrilled to see Carrillo adjust his tights after he came down off of Ryker’s Power Bomb.  I’m trying to suspend disbelief and stuff like that makes it harder.  It’s not like the tights were coming off.  Just leave it and sell.


Cinéma de Whodunit – Candice LaRae & William Regal

She was pretty shaky here, honestly.  Segments like these require acting and everyone’s been good so far.  Candice wasn’t good enough.


Ricochet vs.  Pete Dunne

Can we talk for a moment about how epic Ricochet’s theme is?  CFO$ are killing it and this is another example of how good they can really be.  Okay, the match.

I knew this would be incredible and I’ve salivated at the prospect of it since I knew it was coming.  Dunne’s joint manipulation on Ricochet was almost impossible to watch.  I also liked that Ricochet continued to sell it.  Many don’t do that sufficiently so it’s nice to see.  The grappling game from both of them was great.  Dunne’s innovation is just incredible.  He quite literally does things no one else does.  This was a chess game and it was brilliant.  This was a fantastic match and the crowd ate it up.

Of course, the match couldn’t have a clear winner and the UE had to come out to ruin it.  The result is a great match and both keep their titles.  I’m not mad at it.


Well, you can’t end a show better than that.  I’m nearly speechless and can only say that you need to watch this last match.  It was incredible.  See you guys next week for another look into “The Illustrious Future”.