Monday Night Raw (9/24/18)

Raw Results

Backstage a limo pulls up and Corbin appears.  He opens the door to welcome Steph on her birthday.  Trip then comes out and leaves Corbin to Steph’s wrath.  She rips him a new one and tells Corbin to find two partners tonight to face The Shield.

The Shield in the ring talking themselves up and getting pop, other than Reigns who gets heat.  They then call out Corbin.  Corbin out and calls out Strowman, McIntyre, and Ziggler.  They are trying to convince Ambrose to turn on The Shield.  The Shield wants to hear none of it and want to fight.  Corbin stops the three from going to the ring because it’s not happening tonight.  Corbin and his partners will spoil The Shield’s reunion before it begins.

Balor defeats Mahal  Bayley was in Balor’s corner as Foxy was in Mahal’s with Singh.  Mahal verbally and physically attacks Singh after the match (after Singh took a Bayley to belly outside the ring during the match).  Mahal and Foxy sit on the match to ‘meditate’ or, in Foxy’s case, yell and act crazy.

Riott Squad defeats Bellas & Nattie  Liv kicked in the head too hard by Brie and removed to the back for evaluation.

Steph and Trip in the ring, entire roster on stage.  Hyundai Hope On Wheels car with handprints all over it.  Carter and Elizabeth are welcomed to the ring, both surviving cancer.  Trip goes into Dad-mode and gives championship belts to the kids.  “You deserve it!” chants.  Hyundai donated $200,000 to Connor’s Cure!

Backstage Ziggler sows seeds of discontent for Ambrose within The Shield.

Konnor defeats Gable

As Steph and Trip were heading to their limo to leave, Trip was asked about Taker’s comments about Trip going corporate.  Trip talked smack back at Taker.

Ziggler & McIntyre defeat Revival to retain Raw Tag Team Championship

The KO Show with Elias on music.  KO welcomes Lio Rush to the ring.  Lio calls out Lashley as he wasn’t heading to the ring himself.

Lashley defeats Elias via DQ

Backstage Rollins approaches McIntyre and asks if maybe it isn’t McIntyre being used.  Rollins leaves and Ziggler approaches to ask what was said.  McIntyre was rather cranky and stomped off.

Jax defeats Foxy

Backstage McIntyre approaches Ambrose to ask about what Rollins said.  One reason could be for a four-man Shield or looking for an Ambrose replacement.  Maybe he’s overreacting, it’s not like Rollins turned on Ambrose before.

The Shield defeats Corbin & AOP  The Shield poses together in the ring after the match.



With Every Little Step they take, will Akam & Rezar be there?

Will Bayley Rock Wit’cha, baby, all night long?

Can Bobby Lashley and Lio Rush take the Storm Away?

Do Braun Strowman and Roman Reigns have Something in Common?

If we hope for a great episode of “Monday Night Raw” this evening, are we On Our Own?

None of these questions will be answered by Bobby Brown and only one will be answered by tonight’s edition of “Monday Night Raw”