Update on Liv Morgan (10:20am)

Update 12:14am EST: Brie Bella had the following to say via Twitter:

Original: As of this writing, this is all we are able to report thus far on the condition of Liv Morgan following the Riott Squad match with the Bellas and Nattie. For those that missed it, during the match, Liv took an undetermined number of Yes Kick directly to the head and face by Brie Bella (Botch saw one, Queen saw two).  She is rumored to be having some memory issues.

Following the kicks, Liv dropped to the mat, appearing out of it and unconscious. Brie then appeared to drag Liv to her corner to get a tag so she could leave the ring. As soon as Liv was tagged out, Ruby took her out and laid her on the mat ringside.

Liv has been taken to a local medical facility for further tests and observation. This has NOT been confirmed by WWE at this point and is purely based on what others are reporting from first-hand sightings. You can see what happened in the video below. We can only hope this is nothing serious.