Liv Morgan Diagnosis

The WWE has released a statement about Liv Morgan‘s diagnosis after taking one to two Yes Kicks to the face from Brie Bella on Raw.

“Liv Morgan has a concussion and is going through the proper protocol under WWE’s comprehensive wellness program.”

After this diagnosis Liv could be out anywhere from a couple days to a couple months, depending on how she progresses in her recovery.  The WWE will not allow her back into the ring until she’s fully ready to be there.



QD – There have been a lot of comments made about this, mostly nastiness against Brie Bella, right down to death threats.  We have also discussed all of this backstage here at WR, and many of us have differing opinions right down to how we saw the incident go down.  Fingers have pointed at each woman being at fault, and some think both of them were in the wrong.  However you see that segment of the match, threatening a pro wrestler over the work she has done in the ring is just horrible.  Everyone who steps into that ring knows that while things are planned out, that doesn’t mean that accidents and injuries won’t happen.  At this time everyone involved should look closely at the tape of this injury and make sure it doesn’t happen again, as that’s part of growth inside the ring.