Neville “Off The Grid” And Not Responding To Promoters

Former WWE Cruiserweight Champion Neville was finally granted his release from the company last month and is now eligible to wrestle anywhere he’d like. Neville has reportedly gone “off the grid” and isn’t responding to calls from promoters.

Neville was spotted in Pittsburgh around the time he was granted his WWE release. WWE often sends their talent to Pittsburgh for medical testing, which makes the timing rather interesting. Neville was reportedly previously in talks with some promotions, but due to legal issues, he said he wasn’t yet ready to begin

Neville reportedly left WWE after being upset with creative and initially tried to obtain his release in October of 2017. Initially, WWE didn’t grant the request because the company didn’t want to set a precedent that talents could just walk out while under contract to sign with Ring Of Honor and New Japan Pro Wrestling (where it was expected Neville would be going.)

Sir Mitch Says: It has been reported that Neville was free of the standard 90-day non-compete clause after his release, but if he’s telling promoters he can’t work for them due to legal reasons it must still be in effect!

As soon as that clause is up, expect NJPW/ROH and Triple-A/Impact to both make huge offers to secure Neville’s services.