Respect Me!

Hey, kids!  It’s the Baron of all things Botch with yet another edition of “The Pickup” – our weekly recap of “205 Live”.


Noam Dar vs. Lio Rush

Lio absolutely drips in two things:  athleticism and arrogance.  The arrogance is what got this match started.  This is the match where we finally got to see him sell a bit.  That tends to be where the younger guys don’t do as well.  They get their moves off but don’t understand the nuances of making someone else look good.  To that end, Lio did quite well.  Noam is, of course, a total rock star as well.  He has had far less opportunity to show personality lately since Alicia Fox left his side some time ago.  He does have it, though, if they’d let him show it again.  Of course, they’re clearly hot on Lio (as am I) so he had to win here.  Really good match!


Backstage segment – Cedric Alexander, Buddy Murphy, & Drake Maverick

Buddy was better here than he was last week but Cedric was his usual robotic self.  He tries to come out of it but he can’t.  This was kept short so it couldn’t get too out of hand.  They are trying to sell me on their match at Super Showdown and I honestly don’t care about it.  Alexander beat Murphy clean in the ring not that long ago so…


The Brian Kendrick vs. ???

Yeah, ok.  This was a quick match meant to…I dunno.  The after-match attack was rather silly too.  Drew’s mad because he lost to Cedric twice.  This storyline is very strange and nonsensical, really.  I also hate it when they don’t mention the job guy’s name.  They even did the ring announcer thing and he said “introducing first”.  They didn’t even bother with the other guy’s name…smh…


Backstage segment – Mustafa Ali

This is how you handle a scripted promo.  It’s obvious that it is (most of them are – no mystery) but Mustafa puts real heart behind them and that’s what makes them work.


Cinéma de iPhone – TJP

The mask.  LOL!  He has no respect for lucha tradition and I like it.  I also like where this is going.  I am sick to death of Lucha House Party and am happy to get a week’s break from them.  I just wish it could be longer and it won’t be.  Oh well…


Mustafa Ali vs. Hideo Itami

Great back and forth here and the match was nice and long too.  Hideo is merciless who aims to end Ali and Ali is the guy who won’t quit no matter what is done to him.  The Falcon Arrow from the middle rope looked particularly vicious.  They’re also telling the match of Ali overdoing it and compromising his health in the process.  Ali’s frog splash onto Itami on the apron was completely vicious-looking and the match ended in the only way it could.


All in all, another good episode of ‘205 Live”.  The highs weren’t as high and the lows weren’t disastrous…just meh.  The trend now seem to be to have nice, long main events and to not try to do too much throughout the rest of the show.  That format works for me.  See you all next week for another edition of “The Pickup”!