Jest on Brie Bella

Last Monday on Raw, we saw one of the more horrific “botches” that can happen in the ring. For those that have been asleep under a rock for the past week, Brie was in a 3 on 3 match with her sister, Nikki and Natalya to take on The Riott Squad. During the course of the match, Brie was in the ring with fellow wrestler Liv Morgan. While they went at it, Brie would deliver 5 “Yes! Kicks”. While these are typically “harmless” when performed correctly, this night, she ended up making direct contact with Morgan’s head twice. This led to Morgan suffering memory loss of the night’s events, as well as a serious concussion.

So where should WWE & Brie go from here?

Let’s rewind back to September 4th, 2018 in Columbus, OH when the Bella Twins both returned to the ring. That evening, they would take on The Riott Squad as well. During this match, nothing severe happened, but she did botch not one but two dives through the ropes into The Riott Squad outside the ring. On the first, she missed altogether and had to reset and improvise. On the second, her feet caught the top rope and she landed well short of The Riott Squad. When watching the video, you can actually see The Riott Squad coming forward to catch Brie to prevent injury. Had they not done this, there is a high likelihood she would have landed on the back of her neck, and quite possibly suffered a serious injury.

Ever since the incident this past Monday, fans and critics alike have been demanding for Brie to be fined, suspended, and/or forced to retire from the ring. Some highly inconsiderate people (I will not call them fans) have even issued death threats against her. What is causing Brie to perform to this low level of talent in the ring? In my opinion, she was never the best in the ring, but she was far from this horrible as well. Following the failed dives, Brie did an interview with Yahoo! Sports where she actually discussed this very thing, where she had the following to say regarding the botched suicide dives:

“With any type of physical body change, it changes so much. Even last week on ‘Raw’ when I did the suicide dive and it was less momentum than I should have had, I forgot that I’m 10 pounds heavier than what I was. Gravity doesn’t lie. That was a little different for me. I don’t mind if I fail or if I succeed. No matter what, I want to look back with no regrets. If I fail, last week for example, I went to sleep at night and I was kind of bummed out, but I learned something about myself. I learned where my body is at, where I am at.” – Brie Bella

Another thing to take into consideration is that when a woman gives birth, their entire center of gravity gets thrown off due to the complexity of the event that happens on the body. For many, it’s barely noticeable, but for high performers, such as Brie, it can be extremely visible. So how should WWE handle this whole situation?

Looking in the past, yes, there have been botches that have resulted in injury, even death at times. We understand that these mistakes do happen. WWE has taken every precaution to attempt to prevent these mistakes from happening, even banning several moves, including head shots. Sometimes though, injuries will happen, even through no fault of either wrestler.

In my personal opinion, WWE cannot just move on and act like nothing ever happened here. They have to do something to prevent another major accident like this from happening. Since returning, Brie has had 4 matches total. In two of those matches, Brie either nearly caused potential serious injury to herself or someone else, or did in fact cause serious injury to herself or someone else.

Based on Brie’s very own words, I feel that maybe Brie should step down from in-ring competition and report to the WWE Performance Center. She openly admitted that she isn’t 100% with her body yet, which is a sign she isn’t ready for the main roster. By doing this, it gives her time to work with trainers and regain control of her body while in the ring. This will teach her how to adapt to the new center of gravity, as well as the weight gain she mentioned. I also feel WWE should legitimately fine her for making direct blows to the head of her opponent – whether some think it was intentional or not.

If Brie fails to do what I have suggested, I have a bad feeling that these botches from Brie will not be her last. I will even go as far to say that the next time, it may be even more serious than these first two incidents. Both WWE & Brie HAVE to get a handle on this now while they can before the aforementioned occurs.

What are your thoughts and opinions on the incidents that happened? How do you think WWE should handle the issues at hand? Do you agree or disagree with the points made in this article? Please do leave a comment and your opinion on the matter!