News on Tenille Dashwood

During the recent Ring of Honor TV taping, Tenille Dashwood (fka Emma in WWE) announced that she has been wrestling with an injured should for the last six months and will be undergoing surgery to repair it. Dashwood also revealed that in addition to an injured shoulder, she has an autoimmune disease and a skin condition.

This is a legitimate injury and not a storyline angle and there is currently no timetable for her return. Dashwood has pulled out from the rest of her independent dates for the rest of the year to rest her shoulder prior to this surgery.

All news is not bad news for Dashwood though because it is also being reported that Ring of Honor has offered a contract to her. The injury to her shoulder has not affected Ring of Honor’s decision to offer her a contract.


S.A.M.’s Spiel: This is such bad news for Tenille but also good news at the same time. This is sort of a case of one door closes and another door opens. While it does suck that she needs shoulder surgery, the fact that ROH is still offering her a contract to be with the company shows that they want to invest in her. We all hope she has a speedy recovery from her shoulder surgery and can continue on in ROH and prove that WWE missed the boat on her.