Monday Night Raw (10/1/18)

Raw Results

Ambrose questioned in the ring about whether he’s still with The Shield if he’s thinking of leaving.  Ambrose says The Shield isn’t just pro wrestling, it’s family.  Corbin puts Ambrose in a match against Strowman – now.

Strowman defeats Ambrose via DQ when Reigns and Rollins run in to rescue Ambrose.  Corbin doesn’t like this, therefore makes Reigns vs Ziggler – next!

Reigns defeats Ziggler

Ronda defeats Ruby

Konnor defeats Roode

Moment of Bliss where Alexa trashes Trish.

B Team defeats Revival then get beaten down by AoP

McIntyre defeats Rollins after Ziggler distracts him.  Reigns runs in to even the numbers.  Strowman strolls down to join the fight.  Ambrose runs out, kendo stick in hand, but Strowman takes him out quickly.  The fight goes back and forth, but the heels gain and keep the upper hand, beating down The Shield.

Elias and KO in the ring.  They trash on Seattle losing the Supersonics and have the loudest continual heat that I’ve heard since I started writing about pro wrestling (over 15 years).  They had to yell their lines over the entire segment as the fans wouldn’t stop.  KO kept poking at them through the segment and the fans only stopped when Lio Rush came out.  Lashley to the ring to face KO.

KO defeats Lashley as Elias shakes Lio around outside the ring in a full nelson.  In the ring, after the match, they beat down Lashley in the ring.  Lio climbs and flies, but is batted aside by Elias’ double fists.

Bayley defeats Foxy  Balor is in Bayley’s corner while Mahal is in Foxy’s.  They are pushing Mixed Match Challenge storylines on Raw.

HBK in the ring talking up his bestie, Triple H.  He states that Kane might be in Taker’s corner, but he will also be in his brother’s corner and will take Kane out with sweet chin music if needed.  Kane’s music hits but appears behind HBK and chokeslams.  Taker’s music and he appears with his brother.  Taker on HBK, so Trip runs out.  Double chokeslam from Brothers of Destruction on DX.  Tombstone on Trip to end the segment.



Does Ronda Rousey have that Whip Appeal?

Will I continue binge-watching “Alice” Soon As I Get Home From Work?

Every Time I Close My Eyes, will Bobby Lashley say “My Man!!”?

Is Lio Rush Never Keeping Secrets and never telling lies?

How Come, How Long does Kevin Owens use Ban Roll-on deodorant and when will he switch to Speed Stick?

None of these questions will be answered by either Babyface or by tonight’s edition of “Monday Night Raw”