Former WWE Superstar Neville Makes Return to Dragon Gate

You read that right, former WWE superstar Neville has made his return to professional wrestling. He has made his return to the world of professional wrestling and has joined Dragon Gate under his former in-ring name of PAC.


He has not been heard from since he walked out of WWE in 2017 following his displeasure in his role in the cruiserweight division. He has joined the R.E.D faction in Dragon Gate as there was an angle surrounding a mysterious “X” figure and now it was revealed to be the man formerly known as Neville.

Neville had a great run in Dragon Gate prior to signing with NXT in 2012 as he won the Open the Brave Gate Championship, one Open the Twin Gate Championship with Dragon Kid and the Open the Triangle Gate Championship.


S.A.M.’s Spiel: Well this is quite the pleasant surprise. Many, including myself, expected him to make his first appearance in either New Japan or ROH so this is quite a shock. I am happy to see him back after he went dark for so long and I look forward to seeing what he does in his post-WWE run.