Raw TV Ratings Hit Another Record Low

Monday Night Football took a large chunk of the Monday Night Raw audience again. The Kansas City Chiefs vs Denver Broncos game drew 13.21 million viewers.

This week’s WWE Raw drew just 2.29 million viewers, one of their lowest viewership numbers in show history. The number was lower than last week’s show, which was the least-watched show in modern history.

It’s even more disappointing for WWE because they were hoping to keep viewers tuned in with the teases of Dean Ambrose turning on The Shield and Shawn Michaels being advertised for the main event segment.

8 pm – 2.50 million viewers
9 pm – 2.53 million viewers
10 pm – 2.08 million viewers

Sir Mitch Says: It honestly would not shock me if Raw’s ratings dipped below two million by the end of this year!