Sting in WWE…and Other Wasted Opportunities.

Backstage…roughly 1:30pm EST…


Duke Dre:  I will say this even as a huge Sting fan. He only has himself to blame for the Taker match never happening

Baron Botch:  Sting feared being buried. He may have been right too. Look what happened when he finally did land. He wasn’t buried but he was used as an allegory for the Monday Night Wars.

Duke Dre:  I doubt he would of been buried. Goldberg didn’t get buried, Hogan didn’t get buried when he returned, Flair didn’t get buried either

Baron Botch:  He was used to lose to Triple H.

Duke Dre:  Yeah in 2015. Had he came in when he still had a lot left in the tank he would of been fine. He waited way too long

Baron Botch:  Agreed there. He waited WAY too long.

Duke Dre:  WWE tried to sign him on a few occasions (02, 05, 11)

Baron Botch:  He would have been quite the prize when he still had a lot left in the tank.

Duke Dre:  Eddie, Benoit, Mysterio, Jericho were all used better in the WWE then they were in WCW aswell so if they didn’t get buried I don’t know why Sting thought he would

Magnate Mat:  Eddie and Jericho are PRIME examples of that

Baron Botch:  Jericho was all but ignored in WCW. He had “it” and was showing it but Bischoff could only see NWO

Duke Dre:  I did a Q&A in my wrestling group and asked who had the better career between Sting and Taker when you take longevity, drawing ability, mic skills, face/heel runs, workrare all into consideration I choose Sting while most choose Taker. But I get the feeling had Sting worked the WWE in the 2000s instead of TNA that question would of got a more 50/50 split

Baron Botch:  Sting was hindered by the ridiculousness we know as TNA.  He didn’t have the right platform for his greatness.  TNA hindered everyone who worked for them simply because of the horrible booking and execution they were famous for then and Impact continues with now.

Duke Dre:  He did well there and that’s a testament to his greatness and his ability to bet on himself but like you said the platform was nowhere near as large as the WWE

Baron Botch:  Not only not as large, but not as proficient. He was stuck in mud.

Duke Dre:  AJ Styles is what Sting could have been a decade earlier. This WWE run by AJ has no doubt raised his stock and legacy

Baron Botch:  AJ waited a bit too long too but not so long that he couldn’t really deliver when he got to WWE.

Duke Dre:  AJ was always great but if most people don’t see it, it often gets downplayed and that’s unfortunate

Baron Botch:  He should have gone to WWE ten years earlier.

Duke Dre:  Exactly bro

Baron Botch:  Joe has been great too. Still waiting on Eric if WWE will ever give Sanity a chance.

Duke Dre:  All the feuds Sting missed out on in the 2000s (Taker, Jericho, HBK, Evolution, Cena, Lesnar etc etc) that’s a lot of money left on the table

Baron Botch:  …and the built-in storylines to justify each one…

Duke Dre:  Teach bro

Baron Botch:  I’ll never understand James Storm running back to the amateur exercise known as Impact. That paycheck must have been incredible.

Duke Dre:  Agreed

Jester Jason:  Sting would have actually gone over Undertaker.  He was planned to give the first loss, not Lesnar.  Granted, that is based upon 4 year old information

Magnate Mat:  As I understand it, H wanted Storm as part time trainer part time talent but a nice paycheck.  Impact probably matched that offer as a full time performer

Duke Dre (to Jester Jason):  I could see that

Baron Botch:  Yep. Storm ran back to the Titanic for cash.  ‘Course, his return meant next to nothing and now he’s gone again.

Duke Dre:  Could of just gone to WWE tang talked his way into a Beer Money reunion

Baron Botch:  Roode could use the help. He’s nowhere right now. He just lost to Konnor.

Duke Dre:  Konnor is that dude lol

Baron Botch:  Konnor’s been with WWE for 15 years and done almost nothing. I respect the fact that he’s been able to hang on as long as he has.  The Ascension mattered for about 15 seconds.

Duke Dre:  He’s finally risen, the peasant about to overthrow the kingdom like in Braveheart. YOU CAN TAKE HIS LIFE BUT YOU’LL NEVER TAKE HIS FREEDOM!


So what do you think?  How big could Sting have been had he come to WWE faster and when should he have left?  What about the others?  Sound off below