Liv Morgan Medically Cleared for Super Show-Down

Liv Morgan has been medically cleared and will be able to compete Saturday for Super Show-Down. She underwent tests backstage before Raw this past Monday and passed them. Morgan was on the road with the rest of the Riott Squad last weekend and appeared at live events but did not take any bumps.

Brie Bella took a lot of heat from fans online for the Yes kicks that connected to Morgan’s head that knocked her out. It has been reported that Brie did not incur heat backstage and Brie took the situation harder than Morgan did.


S.A.M.’s Spiel: Well this is good news to say the least and I am glad to see that Liv is good to go. That was a scary spot and one that could have been far worse than that. Much has been said by fans and many different personalities in the business about the incident. I have had time to think on this and I do believe Brie was a bit more at fault for the incident because, to use a sports term, she didn’t keep her “eye on the ball” and that caused the errant kicks. Liv did move a bit too forward for the kick that initially connected to her head and that is on her. Accidents happen in this business and the fans should not have jumped on Brie Bella to the extent that they did.