News And Notes From WWE Super Showdown

Special thanks go out to Wrestle Royalty Comunity member Luke Trewarne who sent in all this info to us while in attendance for Super Showdown. Be sure to follow him on Twitter @LTrewarne!

Live Attendance Slightly Inflated

WWE is claiming that attendance for the event was over 70,000, however, like WrestleMania 32 and the Greatest Royal Rumble those numbers may be a little inflated!

WWE changed the floor seating plan for the event as tickets for those seats were just too pricey for most fans, and the result was a lot of unused floor space.

The stage set up also cut off a quarter of the Melbourne Cricket Ground and there were more than a few notable empty seats in the upper decks:

Most fans in attendance for the show have claimed on Twitter that the number of fans in the MCG was closer to 55,000 to 60,000.

Misbehaving Fans

There were a few rowdy fans in attendance for the show and security had their work cut out for them throughout the night. Several fans had to be ejected from the arena (including one who caused a delay to the Shield’s entrance through the crowd)

Other fans decided to take advantage of all the open floor space in the arena! A few fans decided that it would be their only chance to play a little Aussie rules football on the hallowed ground of the MCG (which holds all the biggest games every season) and snuck in a football and kicked it around a little.

Another group of younger fans decided to stage a Wrestling match of their own that apparently got the biggest pop of the night (no joke). A security guard actually counted the pinfall to get them to call it a night!

Hometown Hero’s, A Muso, And A Yes Man Were The Most Popular Stars Of The Night

As expected the Iiconics and Buddy Murphy got huge hometown pops in Melbourne. The MCG exploded when Murphy won the Cruiserweight Championship.

Ellias and KO also got a pretty solid pop for playing the AC/DC hit Thunderstruck and poking fun of the Collingwood Football club losing the Australian Football League Grand Final game in the MCG exactly one week prior (Collingwood is one of the most hated sports teams in the world)

Daniel Bryan also got a very big reaction, but fans were shocked and became a bit quiet after he pinned the Miz is such short order.

Roman Reigns received the most boo’s out of any one of the night, and they were consistent (and loud) until the spot where he speard Braun through the guardrail!

All in all, everyone who packed into the Melbourne Cricket Ground seemed to enjoy the show for the most part!