Raw Dignified Discussion

Raw Results

Triple H and HBK in the ring on mic.  They talked about Trip’s Aussie match and set up for a coming match between DX and the Brothers of Destruction, debuting new DX shirts.

Lashley defeats KO  Lio Rush on mic ringside through the entire match, taunting KO.

Elias in the ring talking about how the Aussie loss wasn’t his fault, and cutting on Cena’s hair until Ronda’s music cut him off.

Ronda & Bellas defeat Riott Squad  After the match Nikki and Brie attack Ronda from behind.  Ronda takes out Brie, then hulks up going after Nikki.  After a bleeped cuss from Ronda in Nikki’s face outside the ring, the Bellas fight back and slam Ronda into the stairs.  Into the ring, the Bellas control Ronda and Nikki poses with the strap.

Backstage Corbin tells Slater he’s not good enough for the worldwide battle royal he has planned to choose one of the four guys to challenge four SD guys at  Crown Jewel for the World Cup.

Corbin in the ring announces all the wrestlers for the worldwide battle royal.  All indie wrestlers, as well as himself.  All are eliminated but The Conquistador (all gold ring gear including hood, as played by Edge & Christian as well as Matt & Jeff years ago, but this one wasn’t built like any of them or Slater).  After three German suplexes, Corbin is eliminated and The Conquistador reveals himself.

Kurt Angle wins Battle Royal

Ember Moon defeats Nia Jax via count out.  A hug between the two after the match.

Trish in the ring talking down Bliss and getting some heat for it.  Bliss and Mickie out on the stage verbally slapping back and getting some pop.  Into the ring and Trish is ready, verbally slaps Mickie around.  Mickie wants to make the Evo match a tag match.  Of course, Lita is there and comes out to remove the other two from the ring.

Roode & Gable defeat Ascension

Strowman & Ziggler & McIntyre defeat The Shield