Update On NXT:UK

WWE will be taping upcoming episodes of NXT: UK this weekend in Plymouth, Great Britain.

Sir Mitch Says: I still find it hilarious that after 18 months of procrastination by Vince and Triple H they finally start trying to get the U.K. brand up and running because of the relaunched World Of Sport Wrestling promotion!
Speaking of which, one of the broadcast networks WWE is rumored to be in talks with (iTV) actually owns the WOS promotion and has seen solid ratings from the first season of the promotions weekly one hour show. In fact, it’s ratings were close to ten times higher than of any WWE program! But that is because all WWE programs air on the British Pay TV network Sky Sports and only ten percent of people in the UK have that channel.  
As iTV have recently announced a WOS tour and speculation is that the announcement of a second season is imminent…I doubt iTV would be signing any deals with WWE. I doubt that any broadcast network in the UK would sign a deal with WWE honestly as their asking price would probably be too high and British TV networks have had a decades-long reputation for being either overly frugal or just plain cheap!