WWE Getting A Lot Of Negative Mainstream Press Over Saudi Deal!

The ten-year deal WWE signed with the Saudi Arabian government to host events in the country and basically be used as a propaganda tool for what most see as a cruel and oppressive regime has been a controversial one in the eyes of most Pro Wrestling fans for months now. But recent events have caused mainstream media to start questioning WWE’s ethics as well!

For those unaware, the New York Times reported this week that officials believe Washington Post columnist Jamal Khashoggi was assassinated in the Saudi consulate in Turkey last week by a Suadi hit squad who dismembered his body with a bone saw.

Companies with ties to the Saudi government have since come under heavy scrutiny. On Wednesday, the New York Times pulled out as a media sponsor from an investor event later this month in Riyadh. Richard Branson also suspended business talks with the Saudi Arabian government in regards to a reported $1 billion investment in Virgin’s space companies.

Now, Fox News has picked up the story about WWE’s ties to Saudi Arabia and the controversy surrounding the decision to keep this deal going in spite of the public outcry to shut it down. Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman was also said to be instrumental in Khashoggi’s murder as well, and he is the same man who orchestrated WWE’s involvement with his country.

Despite all of this, it is unlikely to back out of the deal due to the legalities involved!

Sir Mitch Says: Vince and co knew who they were going into bed with when they signed this deal. They knew there would be negative press associated with starting a business relationship with Saudi Arabia, but all they saw were dollar signs!