Nikki Has A Secret

Hello WRC people, this is Sir Mitch filling in for Baron Botch for this week’s Illustrious Future NXT review. I am a little behind on NXT so please bear with me as I’ve been playing catch up the last few days before watching this weeks episode, but I may have still missed a few things. So apologies in advance!


Opening In-Ring Segment: Tomasso Ciampa, Velveteen Dream & Nikki Cross

When did Ciampa get music? I miss hearing the huge chorus of boos everytime he entered an arena! Dream and Ciampa did a great job setting up and hyping a future match for the NXT Title, but the real star of this segment was none other than Nikki Cross.  I simply love everything she does with her gimmick from trying to Nussle Ciampa’s arm, playing with the tassels on Dream’s jacket to jumping up and down like a demented rabbit in time to the crowd’s “Nikki knows a secret” chant!

I love how they are using Nikki to further the who attacked Aleister Black storyline and the way she freaked out both Dream and Ciampa by shrieking “I know what you did” like a crazed Banshie was entertaining as anything.



Keith Lee vs. Kona Reeves

As I’ve mentioned on the latest edition Imperial Pod (which you can listen to at any time just by going to Wrestle Royalty’s home page) Keith Lee should be Vince McMahon’s dream performer in 2018! He’s a big guy and his super charismatic (the two things he values more than anything else when it comes to workers). But Lee also has legit Indie credentials and can work the ring better than a lot of Cruiserweights so crowds won’t turn on him the minute he gets a sudden mega push. But for some reason, I can’t help feeling Vince will bury him the minute he gets called up to the main roster just like he does to 99% of NXT call-ups!

Kona Reeves, on the other hand, hasn’t got a chance in hell of getting over in NXT or the main roster. His ring skills are limited, and he has about as much charisma as Mike Adamle. Lee carried his arse the entire match. But he’s so good that the match was actually watchable thank goodness!


Triple Threat Match For The North American Title: Ricochet (c) vs. Adam Cole vs. Pete Dunne

This is why people watch NXT! This is why people say NXT is so much better than WWE’s main roster shows! This is why Triple H should be booking WWE, not Vince McMahon! Man alive what a match this was!

I could talk these three men up all day. Ricochet has perfectly blended Lucha Libre with Ultimo Dragon style Puroresu to create a hybrid style that is so exciting to watch. Pete Dunn is the greatest proponent of British Strong Style (a combination of the classic Europian style of mat grappling mixed with brawling and the Japanese Strong Style of stiff martial arts inspired strikes and submissions) that has helped propel the U.K. indies into such prominence in the last decade. And Adam Cole is the best Catch-As-Catch-Can pro wrestler since Shawn Micheals.