Women Of Destruction

Not a bad episode of SmackDown, all the way around. The opening match was leaps and bounds better than the main event, but that’s expected knowing who was in each match. Personally, I’m waiting for next week for the ultimate greatness, followed by Evolution which could be one of the best events of the year, if booked well.


Money Shot!

Becky and Charlotte killed it. I honestly don’t know what to say about this match other than to tell you to go watch this match. It was very similar to the Aussie match, but then took a whole different turn and became even more vicious! I love that they’re getting the money shots (no, not like Val Venis) through equipment. That shows that the company is willing to dish out more cash for this feud, the way they always did for the big feuds between the male superstars.

The only reason this grade is so low is that I know these two have so much more to give us in the coming months, so I wanted to give them the space to earn that five crowns – which I know they will!



Why is Jeff Hardy back and working the ring with Joe? I know I’m begging for interesting matches, mixing things up, but I don’t get why Jeff is back and not working with Orton or someone who makes sense. Joe and AJ are far from done, even though AJ will face Bryan next. Or, I thought they were far from done until the way this match ended. What was that about? Is Joe actually injured, or is it something else? Normally when things happen with big superstars, which I consider Joe a bit superstar, they finish the match in some way. That just made Joe look like a wuss, which he truly isn’t.



Paige, we all knew that Becky and Charlotte would be in a huge Evolution match, and being Last Woman Standing was the so obvious way to go. Paige sold it well, but we all saw it coming.


Miz TV

This was one of the best episodes of Miz TV that we’ve seen in a long time, and that’s saying something as Miz is always great. The way Bryan and AJ worked over Miz verbally was brutal and so lovely! Bryan is amazing at things like this, and AJ did really well working off both Bryan and Miz. Miz’s facial expressions can only be matched by AJ’s casual reactions and Bryan’s amazing smile. Such a great segment, one of the most entertaining on SD in a long time.


Benjamin Goes Down

We all knew AJ and Benjamin in the ring together would be solid, and while Benjamin is so much better than he used to be, he’s still not as great as so many think he is. I’m just not seeing what so many other see in Benjamin, and have seen for so many years. He’s athletic and solid in the ring, but that doesn’t mean that he’s a great superstar. I have really tried to give him the benefit of the doubt this time around, but I’m starting to doubt in a big way. I’m not to the ADR level of disbelief, but if Benjamin doesn’t pick up some steam somewhere (though he was better last week in the ring with Bryan), I’m going to be writing him off.


Aiden Night

That’s some solid editing, again, but this week makes English look bad, not Lana. Then they played him in such a beautiful way. That was exactly how creeps like that should be dealt with. I know that none of us believed Lana did anything with English (storyline, of course), but it was a nice twist and a great way to extend their dissolving of the faction. No clue where they can go from here, but I hope that they’re not done with it because I don’t want to see English turned into nothing more than a punching bag for Rusev.


Big Show Looks Great!

Just because the Attitude Era was very successful doesn’t mean that bringing back each and every top superstar to work old feuds is the right thing to do. Now, I know Big Show and Orton were not a huge feud back in the day, and I’m all for DX returning – on mic, little else – but that’s the direction the WWE is going right now with Crown Jewel wanting all these older wrestlers, the nostalgia is becoming a bit much, even for me.

This wasn’t a good match. If Big Show is going to be in the ring, he should be in there putting over younger workers, helping them move forward. Orton debuted the same year Cena did, which means he’s been on WWE TV for over 15 years and should be putting over younger superstars as well. Foley helped get Orton over in 2004, it’s time for Orton to step up and do the same for the younger workers on the roster. I’ve been very unimpressed with Orton for many years, and while I’m glad he’s getting some sort of personality again, he’s not really very exciting or interesting most of the time. Where is that personality he had when he was working with Foley in 2004? What about that vicious personality he showed when he worked against Trip? I know Orton can emote, he just seems to think he’s too good to put in too much effort, and I don’t blame him! He’s making huge money for doing so little, so why would he bother? So many problems within the WWE these days!


Final Flush

Decent episode of SD, but I’m holding my breath for next week. It seemed like not that long ago I was attending the 900th episode of Raw, and here we are coming up on the 1000th SD! So much excitement for next week, hopefully they won’t drop the ball with this one. They didn’t with the 900th Raw, in that I got to see Bret Hart in the ring with Taker, setting up a cage match that included numerous other big names, though I can only remember Matt Hardy at the moment. It was a lot of nostalgia, but in a good way – unlike all this Crown Jewel, DX vs BoD BS.

Queen KB