When Fans Rush The Ring

There is news coming out of Chillicothe, Ohio that an indie show Saturday night ended in a bloodbath, most of which pouring out of fans.

Hardcore wrestler Mad Man Pondo was cutting a promo in the ring – as of this writing, we do not know what he said that incited those in attendance, but he might have actually told fans to get in the ring – and four fans rushed the ring.  From there a number of wrestlers ran from backstage and beat the fans to a bloody pulp.  The police showed up and handled the situation from there.  Also, for some reason, one of the fans was wearing a large panda mask.


QD – Wow!  I’ve never seen anything like this, nor have I heard of anything like this ever happening.  I do recall being at an indie show when a bunch of kids (about 20 kids, 5-10 years of age) were being unruly and rushed the outside of the ring when John Cena Sr., who almost always plays a heel manager around here, had a few negative comments about his own son, and was ripping on Tony Atlas who is beloved by almost all around here.  Cena Sr. was all kayfabe, but these kids that had been allowed to go up to the apron previously by the staff who wasn’t keeping very good control of the event, rushed the apron and pounded on it in unison.  Cena Sr. looked downright nervous until the staff actually took care of the situation and got Cena Sr. out of there.

The thing is that there’s a huge difference between kids who are allowed to run wild at an even and adults who have been told over and over to never get in the ring, no matter what.  We’ve all seen what can happen on WWE TV and know better than cross that line.  Hopefully more will come out about this event because this isn’t how wrestler or fans should be acting at any event.