Raw Dignified Discussion

Raw Results

Strowman, McIntyre & Ziggler out to the ring to cut a promo on their victory over the Shield from last week. McIntyre says that he is going to beat Rollins and win the World Cup and prove he is the best in the world. Ziggler cuts him off and says he will be the winner. Reigns and Rollins come out and cut a promo of their own on them. Ziggler points out how it is only 2/3 of the Shield on the ramp to stir the pot. Rollins says he will win the World Cup and that his qualifying match with McIntyre should start right now. The match will start after the commercial break.

Rollins defeats McIntyre via count-out after both Ziggler and Ambrose got involved.

Video recap of DX in the ring last week.  Backstage promo of Brothers of Destruction talking smack and agreeing to face DX at Crown Jewel.

Ember Moon & Nia Jax defeat Tamia & Dana  After the match Tamina in Nia’s face, and with Ember’s help dumps her over the top.  Ember tries to send Tamina over the top and out, but Dana sends them both out over the top.

Ronda in the ring wanting an answer from the Bellas.  Bellas out on stage talking smack.  Ronda came back with an honest response that had the fans wild in the arena.  (It’s one you need to see to believe!)

Angle backstage with Roode & Gable.  Angle chilling in a straw fedora, all relaxed and smiles, including a No Way Jose appearance until Corbin comes up and puts Angle in a match against AoP.

Ziggler defeats Ambrose after McIntyre and Rollins got involved.  After the match Rollins and Ambrose argue and push each other around.  Corbin out and makes a six-man tag rematch from last week.

Balor defeats Mahal

Lashley defeats Breeze while Lio Rush talks and promotes through the whole match.

Trish & Lita in the ring talking up Evolution.  Alexa and Mickie on stage talking smack.

Backstage Riott Squad talk down Bayley.

AoP defeats Not-Angle  After they removed Not-Angle’s hood Angle came out onto the stage where Corbin was sitting to watch the match and landed an Angle slam on him.

Riott Squad squirts catsup and mustard all over Nattie’s locker room door, then ripped her nameplate off before laughing and walking away.

Nattie defeats Ruby via DQ  Riott Squad in to attack Nattie, so Bayley and Sasha in to even the score.

Elias in the ring trying to get heat through the local sports teams, then Apollo comes out to the ring and physically takes him out after actually holding his own on the mic!

Shield defeats Strowman & McIntyre & Ziggler  During the match McIntyre accidentally took out Strowman.  Strowman in to take out Ziggler, but then McIntyre flattened Strowman!