Smackdown Beats Raw In The TV Ratings

Smackdown 1000 beat Raw in the ratings. The show drew 2.545 million viewers against Raw’s 2.397 million viewers.

Smackdown 1000 was up against tough competition. They had to compete with the opening night of the NBA regular season, two Major League Baseball playoff games and the premiere of ABC’s “The Conners,” the “Roseanne” spinoff show on ABC that drew 10.5 million viewers for the series premiere.

The Smackdown 1000 viewership was the most-watched episode since April 24. Of course, they had several major returns on the show including the reunion of Evolution, Edge, Rey Mysterio vs. Shinsuke Nakamura, and a brief appearance from The Undertaker at the end of the show.

Sir Mitch Says: Not shocking all things considered!