Ronda Rousey Did What?!

Please don’t be alarmed by the headline, however, I know many in the WWE Universe will be shocked to learn this little tidbit from Monday Night Raw! As many of our readers know, I, Jester Jason, was in attendance at this weeks Raw from Philadelphia in the 4th row, ringside! Following the show, I approached and asked one of the WWE Executives/Producers about the lines that Ronda Rousey gave during her scathing berating of the Bella Twins (video below).

I was told by the producer (who wishes to remain anonymous for legal reasons) that Ronda actually came up with most of those lines on the fly, especially the one involving John Cena! Now word is coming out that not only did she come up with those lines on the fly, she wrote the entire promo! This is being reported by Bryan Alvarez of Wrestling Observer Live. I will share with you that we typically don’t report a lot of things from their site due to not being accurate, however, since I can confirm this is indeed 100% accurate, we are reporting it! In case you missed it, here is a clip of the altercation between the Bellas and Rousey on Raw:

Jester’s Jest: I personally took the liberty of sharing this information because many didn’t believe that what I reported on Tuesday was correct about Ronda writing her own lines on the fly.