Tegan Nox Injury Update

Back during the inaugural Mae Young Classic, Tegan Nox pulled out due to a torn ACL. It looked like she had fully healed and was poised to have a good showing at this year’s edition. Sadly, she was bitten by the injury bug again but this time it was much more serious.

During the tapings earlier this year, she suffered yet another devastating injury to her leg. This time the brutal injury happened in the ring and it is a hard watch. Nox provided an update to her injury via Twitter and you can see the tweet below.

This injuries that were listed were: a dislocated kneecap, torn MCL, torn LCL, torn ACL, both meniscus torn, multiple bone contusions and a Segond fracture on her left tibia. Nox also noted that she is 2 months into rehab for her leg.


S.A.M.’s Spiel: Poor Tegan Nox for having to go through this serious injury. Seeing all those injuries to her leg listed reminds me of NBA player Shaun Livingston who blew out his knee & leg in similar fashion and that was hard to watch back then. He came back to be successful and I hope Tegan Nox can come back stronger than ever as well.