Why SD1000 Wasn’t 3 Hours

Fans and superstars alike felt that Smackdown 1000 was a letdown due to the way it ended, with the Undertaker segment being so short, and the fact it wasn’t 3 hours long. There is a perfectly good reason as to why this happened.

The reason why Smackdown 1000 wasn’t 3 hours long, and the reason the Undertaker promo was so short, is due to the agreement WWE has with Facebook regarding Mixed-Match Challenge. The contract with Facebook states that MMC is to start at 10pm EST. This didn’t allow for any runover or the ability to run the show 3 hours.

Jester’s Jest: In all honesty, WWE could have simply compromised here and ran Smackdown for 3 hours. MMC is only about 25 minutes long, at its longest. There is no reason WWE couldn’t have aired the matches that took place on both Facebook Watch and Smackdown as a special. They could have also very well filmed the matches prior to Smackdown and aired them at 10pm. WWE dropped the ball here and disappointed millions of fans in the process, again.