Ticket Sales For WWE Crown Jewel Postponed!

Tickets for WWE Crown Jewel were supposed to go on sale today but something has changed, and ticket sales have been postponed. In fact, there was a page up on WWE.com just a couple of days ago that mentioned the on-sale date. That page has been removed from the website.

There has been a mountain of pressure on WWE to pull out. Several United States senators have called on them to either rethink their relationship with the Saudi’s or, in the case of Senator Lindsey Graham, he suggested that WWE put a “pause” on the relationship.

Several businesses, including UFC parent company Endeavor, pulled out of a $400 million deal earlier this week. Fox Business Network was the final remaining international media partner to pull out of this year’s Future Investment initiative in Saudi Arabia.

The news got worse today when it was reported by CNN and other media outlets that Saudi Arabia confirmed in state-run media that Jamal Khashoggi is dead. They claim that it was an interrogation gone wrong and a fist fight ensued. Many skeptics say that the fight is a cover story and there is still no explanation for why his body was dismembered.

The Crown Jewel section on WWE.com still lists the show as taking place on Friday, November 2nd but there are no references to Saudi Arabia. WWE hasn’t said much, but last week they put out a statement saying they are “monitoring” the situation. It has also been reported that most of the talent in WWE simply don’t want to be part of the event as does WWE’s production team.

Sir Mitch Says: I can’t see WWE pressing on with this event without having to deal with a HUGE amount of heat from all sides afterward!