Becky & Charlotte Fight At WWE Performance Center

Charlotte Flair was at the WWE Performance Center to speak to the young women of NXT. She hung out with them, answered questions, and addressed the group as a whole. Turns out Becky Lynch was also at the WWE PC and they got into a huge brawl. Video of the fight was posted to Twitter by WWE NXT.

QD – This is storytelling at its finest! This is the type of passion and grit that we’ve been missing from WWE TV for a very long time. To me this reeks of Triple H awesomeness! He’s worked so hard for his kids in NXT, especially the women, and has a great creative mind for wrestling. Pulling this storyline from just being on SD and have them fighting at the WWE PC was brilliant! I’m extremely impressed with this feud and how they’ve made it that much more real by having this brawl happen outside of SD. Bravo!