Ric Flair’s Racial Slurs

Recently Teddy Long was interviewed and asked about racism in the industry.  He called out Ole Anderson and Superstar Bill Dundee for using the n-word at Long at various times, but it was his comments about Ric Flair that really struck a cord.

“Ric Flair walked up to me one time and asked me, he said, ‘N*gger you like working here?’ I didn’t know what the deal was and this was Knoxville, Tennessee he said there were some girls at the back door and they were trying to get in and they told him that I said that they could come in.”

“I didn’t — I don’t know these girls, I’m not going to tell someone they could get in, I don’t know who these girls are. But I think it was just a way to pick at me.”

This incident was quite upsetting as it felt like Flair was threatening his livelihood, his work trying to take care of his family. Flair was also against Long becoming a manager. Long said he doesn’t go out of his way to talk to Flair, but will respond to him if Flair speaks to him. Further, he doesn’t expect Flair to change in any way at this point.

QD – I wasn’t sure I was the right person to post about this as everyone knows that I greatly dislike Flair, but the news is the news and should be reported about without bias. This Queen’s Decree is where I respond with my own feelings, and my feeling is that I’m not at all shocked by this. From where I stand Flair isn’t a very good human being, and this is just one more bit of proof that my feelings are not at all unfounded.