Raw Dignified Discussion

Raw Results


Roman Reigns came to the ring dressed casually.  He stated that his real name is Joe and that for eleven years he’s been living with leukemia.  He’d been fine for quite a while, but now he isn’t and cannot be the WWE Universal Champion, so he has to relinquish the title while he takes care of his family and his health.  He’s not retiring!  After leaving the strap in the ring Reigns to the stage where Ambrose and Rollins joined him in a huge Shield hug.  Ambrose’s face was very pink, his eyes red-rimmed.  Rollins’ face was a crumbled mess and he was openly bawling.  They posed once more as The Shield as they all had tears rolling.

Balor defeats Lashley

Ruby Riott defeats Sasha Banks

DX promo in the ring.  Brothers of Destruction respond through a video promo in a cemetery.

Heyman to the ring with red eyes talks up Reigns, then cuts on Strowman while pushing Lesnar.  Strowman out with really red eyes.  He said that he will take out Lesnar, then, when Reigns returns he gets the first championship match opportunity.  McIntyre attacks Strowman from behind and takes him down.

Elias defeats Apollo

Elias back out to sing again but Corbin cuts him off.  Corbin talks trash, then cuts off Elias’ mic.  Elias leaves the stage, then returns with a prop guitar and breaks it over Corbin.

Contract signing where Ronda promises not to attack the Bellas in the ring.  Nikki taunted Ronda verbally, then slapped her across the face.  Ronda calmed down, laughed, then told Nikki that she’d end her at Evolution.

Backstage Rollins and Ambrose about the news.  Ambrose is eloquent but obviously crushed.  Rollins’ voice cracked and said they’d win this match for Reigns.

Ember Moon wins Fatal Four Way against Nia Jax, Tamina, and Dana

Titus on stage with six amazing breast cancer survivors.

Trish and Lita on mic backstage talking up each other, then Foxy comes in talking smack!  As Lita and Trish respond, they are attacked by Mickie.  Mickie starts talking smack and Lita and Trish attack her and Foxy, leaving them flattened.

Rollins & Ambrose defeat McIntyre & Ziggler to become Raw Tag Team Champions