Sting WILL Return, Under One Condition…

Sting did an interview with 99.7 WCYK regarding an appearance for an independent wresting event. During the interview, he was asked if he would return to the ring. During the interview, he had the following to say:

I would only consider against one opponent, and that would be [Undertaker], and that’s it,” Sting said. “Anyone else, at this point, why? But, I have always loved the idea of the Sting-Taker thing. So many ideas in my head, you know, how to make it just a night that people would never forget.” – Sting

This begs the question, will we finally get to see the Stinger vs The Deadman after all these years? Only time will tell, but hopefully this points to a potential clash at Wrestlemania next year!


Jester’s Jest: Regarding the SummerSlam event this year, there was speculation of Undertaker returning, but only under one condition. It really makes me think now that I was right in thinking that THIS is the scenario he would have shown up for.