WWE To Decide If They Will Go Ahead With Crown Jewel This Week!

A decision on WWE Crown Jewel could come as soon as Wednesday.

The Wrap is reporting that WWE officials were waiting on Turkey to announce details from its investigation on the killing of Jamal Khashoggi. The report is expected to be released today, and that will determine the fate of the Crown Jewel show in Saudi Arabia. Due to the time difference, a decision on the show is not expected until Wednesday.

Aside from a brief statement last week when they said they are “monitoring” the situation, WWE has remained quiet, and they have not mentioned Saudi Arabia on their TV shows and on social media.

As previously noted, tickets were supposed to go on sale last Friday, but the Saudi government has not begun to sell them because WWE has yet to let them know if they are moving forward with the show.

There has been a ton of pressure from fans and United States senators on WWE to pull out of this show. Furthermore, several WWE Superstars have said privately that they would rather not go.

There were also a lot of reports coming out yesterday that both John Cena and Daniel Bryan had told WWE higher-ups that they refuse to take part in the event, but they are all unconfirmed and don’t come from the most reliable of sources!

Sir Mitch Says: I will be amazed (and disgusted) if WWE higher-ups decide to go through with this event after the Turkish government releases the findings of its investigation into the killing of Jamal Khashoggi.