You Can’t Because You Couldn’t and You Won’t

Hey, kids.  It’s the Botching one with another look into “The Illustrious Future” that is NXT.  I suppose I owe you a bit of an explanation for my absence lately and, as a result, the absence of this blog.  Sadly, I lost a very dear friend to suicide just a couple of weeks ago.  While a part of me has gone with him, I’m moving on as best I can.  I say all of this to deliver this one piece of advice to anyone who knows someone who suffers with neurological illness:

Do everything you can to make sure they get help and then do what you can to make sure they accept every bit of it that’s offered.  There is no such thing as “halfway” when it comes to proper treatment.  Halfway treatment will lead to goodbye.  Of course, the truth is there’s only so much one can do in those instances but if you have the power, use it.  Do not hedge.  My only comfort is that I did what I could.  It just wasn’t enough.

As a result of all of this, I needed some time to get my head straight again which our Queen graciously gave me.   I am back now and life must go on.  So I will.

You’ll also note that Sovereign S.A.M is now writing the “Raw” blog.  He graciously stepped in for me while I was recovering.  In reading his blog both weeks, I could see how much fun he was having…and how good he is at it.  I posed the question to him about whether I should take it back or if he wanted to keep doing it.  He said he was enjoying it.  As such, it’s his now.  Congrats, S.A.M.  I’m enjoying your blog and I’ll do so every single week.  Okay, on with NXT…

Tonight, we get Vic Joseph in Mauro Ranallo’s place.  I am known to not be a fan of Mauro’s overly-bombastic approach so I’m fine with this.  Vic has gotten better on “205 Live” and he was quite good here too.


Cinéma de Outside – William Regal and bodyguards

Nice!  Aleister knows his attacker and he was left completely fuming last week when Nikki Cross told him who it was.  He’s a loose cannon now so he must be…ahem…managed.  Nice work from Regal.


The Undisputed Era (Adam Cole [Bay Bay], Kyle O’Reilly, Roderick Strong, & Bobby Fish) & EC3

Adam Cole is such a beast on the mic.  He’s just amazing.  The arrogance coming off of him is just epochal.  Only better seeing EC3 come out too.  He’s done absolutely nothing since he showed up but he’s got lots of mouth and the back and forth between them was fun.  I just have no clue why this match is happening.  It’s not like there were any discernible issues between them before.  It just seems rather thrown together.  Odd for NXT.


Adam Cole (Bay Bay) vs. EC3

This was a really good match.  Both can go and go hard and they did it here.  EC3’s tan is just so very tan!  Of course, there had to be an attack at the end of the match.  It solidified the UE’s dominance.  Bobby even destroyed EC3’s knee in the process.  Interesting…

Speaking of which, now that Bobby is back, I really want them all to turn on Roderick Strong.  He just doesn’t fit and they don’t need four members.  Wonder when/if that’ll happen?


Cinéma de Teaser – Mia Yim

I’m happy to see her in NXT but her promo was a bunch of nothing.  Whoever produced that should have been paying more attention.  She said nothing at all worth hearing.  Not a good start.


Aliyah vs. Mia Yim

Aliyah’s whole lot in life seems to be to put over new talent that comes in the door.  She really is beginning to show a real character in there now too so I’m hoping she’ll be more as time goes on.  She gave us a very pretty Northern Lights Suplex too so she absolutely can work.  During Yim’s comeback, the rhythm went off though.  They didn’t get it back either.  There was no way Mia was going to lose her debut match in NXT and she didn’t.  Both of them are to blame for their lack of chemistry in there and this is not a good way for Mia to start.


Cinéma de Vignette – Lacey Evans

I have no clue why we’re getting this.  She’s already a going concern.  No shade on her in the least bit either…but why a vignette?  It’s almost like they were just padding out the hour.  They did that on this show a lot for whatever reason.


Justin Xavier (JDX) vs. Kassius Ohno

How awesome is it to see JDX on NXT!  He’s a really good Chicago indie guy that I’ve been watching for a while.  He did really well in there and I’m not surprised.  Of course, this was about jobbing to Kassius.  Kassius has become unhinged and gone completely heel…and I love it.  He’s also cut his hair but that’s neither here nor there.  Kassius was just devastating here and JDX made it look really good.  He also took quite the busted lip for his trouble.  Kudos to both of them.  This was fairly short but it was effective.

Nikki coming out to taunt Kassius was fun.  Did he attack Aleister?


In-ring segment – William Regal, Tommaso Ciampa, Velveteen Dream, Lars Sullivan, & Johnny Gargano

“I’m gonna need you to put on some pants”.  Oh, Velveteen Dream.  LOL!  This entire segment was really only to reveal one thing:


I didn’t even think of it!  This is why I love NXT.  We simply don’t know what they’re going to do until they do it.  They can’t be telegraphed like the main roster can.  Great reveal of who was responsible for Aleister’s beatdown…but why?

I love that I don’t know.

On that note, I have nothing left to say but see you next week for another look into the “Illustrious Future”!