Evolution Spoiler/Rumor

Rumors are flying about a possible huge announcement at Evolution tonight.  While we don’t have confirmation on this, it is looking as though the WWE is going to make a big announcement about a new Women’s Tag Team Championship.  The WWE had been holding off because the roster was not large enough to carry the championship, but the roster is fuller than it has ever been, with the most talented female superstars ever.  Further, we’ve heard that the championship belts have already been designed and made.



QD – I am hoping they announce this tonight.  The WWE has dropped the ball with the women for so many years but recently the women have more than proved that they need to be taken seriously.  What I didn’t know until today is that the WWE previously did have Women’s Tag Team Titles in the 1980s.  The first champions were Velvet McIntyre and Princess Victoria in 1983.  Leilani Kai and Judy Martin were the last pair of champions when the championship was deactivated in 1989.  It’s more than time that this championship is revamped for the amazing women who deserve so much, have worked so hard for.  Previously I’ve said that the Women’s Tag Team Championship should be a floating championship between both brands as there is no way the Women’s Division can carry two versions of this championship, one for each brand.  Fingers crossed that the WWE does this, and does right by these amazing wrestlers.