Baszler Injured At Evolution

It looks as thought Shayna Baszler injured her ankle in her match at Evolution.  She was seen on crutches backstage after her match, and again at the airport.  She was to be evaluated today to see the extent of her injury, and we will bring you more on this when we know.  There are worries about her standing as NXT Women’s Champion going into the next TakeOver, but there will be no answers until she’s been fully evaluated.  She has been known to downplay injuries as she was an MMA fighter and how she deals with injuries.


QD – I hope her ankle isn’t bad enough to keep her out of the ring for long as she’s on the cusp of greatness.  She’s already great in NXT, but she was really exposed to the WWE Universe at Evolution and the fans loved her.  It seemed to me that after she’s not NXT Women’s Champion she would be brought up to the main roster.  They can only do Four Horsewomen versus Four Horsewomen at WrestleMania if all eight of them are healthy.