Monday Night Raw

Raw Results

Corbin in the ring with the Uni Championship, talking himself out.  Brock and Heyman out as Heyman talks down Corbin and Strowman.  Strowman out.  Both take turns taking out Corbin before Brock takes out Strowman and poses with the Uni strap.

Balor defeats Lashley via DQ after Lio got involved in the match, twice.  Lashley destroys Balor after the match is over, at Lio’s urging.  Backstage Corbin replaces Cena in World Cup at Crown Jewel with Lashley.

Lita & Trish & Nattie & Sasha & Bayley defeat Ruby & Liv & Sara & Foxy & Mickie when Nattie locks the sharpshooter on Foxy after all the faces hit their finishers, including Lita and Bayley hitting dual twists of fate!

Backstage Nia about when she will cash in on Ronda.  Ember in and Nia talked her up a bit, but Nia said that this was her time.  Ember thanks Nia for her guidance and respects her, but might get more respect if they face off tonight.  Nia says that Ember is on, but Nia will win again tonight.

WWE stands for…Elias decides that he’d go backstage to sing to Corbin.  Corbin isn’t impressed with being called Steph’s b***h and slams the door in Elias’ face, then Mahal attacks Elias from behind, slamming him into a wall face first.  Corbin comes back out and tells Elias his match is next.

Elias defeats Mahal

Team Glorious defeats Ascension  AoP destroys all after the match.

Rollins in the ring calls out Ambrose.  Ambrose finally comes out in the stands but doesn’t say a word.  They both give lots of face.  Rollins went off on Ambrose over and over and since Ambrose wouldn’t go to the ring, Rollins threw his belt down and started heading for Ambrose who turned and left without saying a word.  So much face from both man through the whole thing.

Nia Jax defeats Ember Moon after Tamina distracts them.  Tamina into the ring, face to face with Nia, then smiles and leaves the ring, backing up the ramp with major eye contact from Tamina and confusion from Nia.

Lucha House Party defeats Revival





Does Alexa Bliss fly coach On the Wings of Love?

Is Holding On very hard to do when Bo Dallas & Curtis Axel are gone?

Is Braun Strowman Going All the Way to Five Guys when “Raw” is over?

All At Once, has Alicia Fox suddenly gone from Ramen Noodles to Hot Pockets for lunch?

None of these questions will be answered by either Jeffrey Osborne or tonight’s edition of “Monday Night Raw”!