Did Jim Ross Just Tease That Rumoured New Promotion On The Jericho Cruise?

A little while back, it was reported that Jim Ross and Chris Jericho were in talks to begin a new promotion, with help from the various members of The Elite and financial backing from a billionaire sports team owner. While on the Chris Jericho Cruise, it seems Ross added further fuel to the proverbial fire on a new wrestling-based promotion.

The Rock ‘n’ Wrestling Rager at Sea has kicked into full gear, as Jericho hosted a special episode of Talk is Jericho alongside Ross and Jerry “The King” Lawler. During the show, Ross made comments that eventually found themselves onto the internet with thanks to BroBible on Twitter.

On the topic of WWE attempting to prevent Rey Mysterio from boarding the Cruise, Ross claimed that Jericho has been attempting to bring companies and brands together, and it is embarrassing to see what WWE is doing. Continuing, the former WWE commentator teases the proverbial promotion with Jericho by claiming someone else will come along and create a company, where things like that won’t matter.

As BroBible transcribe, Ross said the following:

“Chris is here bringing brands together, that stuff that’s going on is embarrassing… somebody along the way is going to create another company and they won’t have to worry about that bullshit”

Sir Mitch Says: This whole thing still sounds too far fetched to be true. But then again, the rumours just won’t go away and they will only start getting louder with comments like this from JR!