Stealing The Night

Going into Evolution I was a bit worried about how the show would be booked and received by the fans. Now that it’s over, I’m thrilled and proud of all those women who worked so hard to get to this point, and the women who returned to take part with the roster of today. Everyone put all of themselves out there, making this into the beautiful event it was. There was no question that these women more than achieved what they went out there to do, and I know they will continue to do more of it and further grow into something we cannot even fathom at this point. Bravo superstars, bravo!



I normally don’t talk about the Kickoff Show, unless something amazing or horrible happens there. This time around, on the all women’s PPV, it was a man who made the Kickoff into something great. Yes, Cole was sweet and honest in his tiny bit, but it was R-Truth out to the announce table claiming he was backstage talking to Paige (who was on announce) and would be winning the Evolution Royal Rumble Match, then will go on to face Carmella for the strap. Renee, Beth, Paige and Carmella sold every word R-Truth spoke, and the way R-Truth was so obviously beautifully crushed by being told he couldn’t be in the match and that Carmella wasn’t SD Women’s Champion. He’s so great in everything he does. R-Truth left me smiling, and that’s more than most Kickoff shows do for me.


Trish & Lita All Over Foxy & Mickie

I wish I’d remembered to change my Predict when Foxy was subbed in for Bliss who is not cleared due to a recent concussion. Foxy was solid in the ring here, and did a great job in this match, but I also didn’t think Foxy and Mickie should have gone over Trish and Lita, while I truly think if Bliss had been in the match that she should have gone over. Nothing against Foxy, but she’s not Bliss. Further, Mickie has been around since Trish and Lita worked the ring regularly in the WWE, so having the younger wrestlers go over here really didn’t matter when Bliss was pulled.

It was a decent match, and Lita looked a lot better in the ring than she did at the Royal Rumble Match, but it doesn’t stand up to the work these women are doing in the ring these days. Funny thing, that being said about Lita and Trish, I’d love to see either or both come back for one short run and have at least a moment with the Women’s Tag Team Championship. They are the most deserving team of women who helped lead to this Evolution.


Backstage Bellas

They really are making this feud personal, and I kinda like it. They’ve done this with the men for years, so why not? Heck, even the Matt Hardy and Lita thing was more of a Hardy and Edge thing. I love that they’re getting so much more gritty with this storyline, I just wish that it wasn’t the Bellas in the middle of it all.


Nia wins Battle Royal

The start of this match was fantastic, and there were some really beautiful moments in it. I’ve never been shy about my loathing of the IIconics, so when they were tossed first by the legends, I was cheering! Actually, I thought the legends did a great job in this match, and I wish Michelle McCool would come back for one last run. She looked as great as ever, and while they don’t need the money, her husband isn’t done in the ring (sadly), so why not have her back challenging Bliss? I think they could really rip things up on Raw. Further, I loved seeing my favorite Ivory in the ring. She’s such my favorite that if I had the money I’d ask her for an interview and fly myself and Dragon, my service dog, to the other side of the country to get him groomed by her. Yes, I would fly across the country for an interview and a Dragon grooming. Molly looked like Molly and Madusa looked like Alundra Blaze, and it was nice to have them there, but I thought there were supposed to be 30 women in this match. It would have been the perfect time to debut Nikki Cross to the main roster as she was on the stage with the women when the PPV was announced. I’m missing Nikki Cross in a huge way and she deserves to be on the Raw or SD roster.

Nia was the obvious winner in this match, and she was so endearing when she won it. I love that Vega got her time in the ring, something I’ve been begging for since she was pulled up to the SD roster. She was so great in there with Nia. Then there’s Nia and her honest reaction to the win. I know a lot of people don’t like Nia for her boasting about her family, but she comes off as so endearing in moments like this. I love that she won, and I cannot wait to see what happens from here.


Storm Wins It!

Mitch – If you guys are unfamiliar with the Japanese All-Female Pro Wrestling promotion Stardom, you got to see a rare treat from two of that said promotions former big stars!

Toni Storm does my Australian heart proud every time I see her in the ring (even though she’s Australian like Russell Crowe is Australian if you get me drift) and there is a reason why out of all the phenomenal talents in Japan (both male and female) Io Shirai is constantly voted by the Japanese press as the very best the country as to offer. These two absolutely rocked the joint and put on what would have been considered match of the night had Becky and Charlotte not been booked on the same show.

However, I think this match would have been even better had they been given just ten more minutes. If they were given that extra time, I think they could have topped the matches they had in Japan (which is saying something I can assure you).


6 Women Go Into Battle

Ruby is very obviously the star of the Riott Squad, but I’ve seen Liv grow by leaps and bounds lately. Ruby has everything needed to be the top female superstar in the company. She has an interesting look, her mic work and charisma are fantastic, and her ring work is always top notch, but I have to say that Liv has been working her bum off. Not only has her ring work improved, but she’s grown into her character so much more, and is believable in all she does. The screaming can be a bit much, but it’s all part of her character, and she makes it work. The pink hair was a huge change and a great look for her and adds to her character.

Sasha over the top was such a botch! It looked horrible. Further, I’m going to say something really negative about Sasha here, so watch out – the way she runs the ropes is really prissy looking. I know she’s short and running the ropes only gets harder the shorter one is, as Bliss and Vega have shown us, but something about the way Sasha does it is just really prissy.


Baszler wins NXT Women’s Championship

What a fantastic match! If not for Charlotte/Becky, I would have said this was the match of the night. I loved every moment of this match and was floored by how great the fans reacted too. I know that most of the fans who were there are the biggest fans, not just casual fans. Few casual fans would put out the money for a PPV if they were not fully invested. Maybe it’s because I’m on a fixed income, but that’s how I see it.

I loved seeing Baszler’s cohorts get involved after getting a lap-full of wrestler in the front row. They added just a bit more to this match and got them seen on Evolution. In fact, all eight of the Horsewomen were on Evolution, and hopefully setting up for more to come, though not sure how they could Horsewomen at WrestleMania with Becky and Charlotte hating on each other. Hopefully the best feud of the year isn’t going to be tanked for a Horsewomen WrestleMania.

I have never gotten a great vibe from Sane, but she really impressed me in this match. She’s a tough little thing who can take some serious abuse and keep going. This match was really very good, and as I said, would have been the top match if not for the Last Woman Standing match, and they should be proud of what they left in that ring for us.


Knees are not feet!

No clue why they didn’t count Charlotte out, twice, as she wasn’t on her feet! That’s not how a Last Man Standing match works! It’s not like the rules are different for the women, yet Charlotte was on her knees twice. That was the one huge flaw in this match, and possibly the only flaw in this match. Oh, wait, Charlotte again couldn’t put her opponent through the table the first time, again, but she went back up there and made it right in a great way. Further, she didn’t have to make as big of a deal of it the way she did with Sasha at HIAC.

On the ramp after the match Becky yelling, “I’m the man!” after winning was not cool. She’s the woman and should be proud of it.

This is one of those matches that there really is very little I can say about other than, go watch it. You won’t be sorry checking out this MOTY match. This is THE main roster match to watch this year! Hopefully they’re both not hurting too bad today, because they left every bit of themselves out there.


Bella Blah

The Last Woman Standing match should have been the main event, though I have to say that this match wasn’t as bad as I expected it to be. Ronda is getting better in the ring each week, and Nikki worked the match to the best of her ability. It was booked well, and only a few things looked really awkward, specifically Brie climbing on top of her sister on Ronda’s shoulder. It just wasn’t a smooth transition but showed Ronda’s power as it was supposed to.

I really expected to have more interference in this match, but I’m glad it was only Brie, it made the match look like the WWE had more respect for these two women than most of the fans did. Yes, I’m saying the WWE did something right by these two women.


Final Glow

I wanted to wait until yesterday to write this so I could sleep on the show, and I have to say I feel exactly the same way about the show that did last night. This was a very solid first showing and the women stepped up to show that they more than deserved a PPV of their own. Fingers crossed that things only get better for these women for here on out.

Queen KB