I’m The Woman!

So not impressed that they’re going to Saudi Arabia. I’m disgusted and really wish that someone would have strong-armed the WWE out of this by now. It’s not a smart thing to do on so many levels. Further that they continued to build this show that so many people think is wrong, leaves a bad taste in my mouth all the way around.


Shocker, I’m Indignant!

Twins in the ring and Bryan got the Pele kick! I loved Bryan’s reaction when AJ said he’d kicked him on purpose. I miss Bryan on mic as much as he was when he was ‘running’ SD for Shane. Nothing against Paige, nothing at all, it’s just that Bryan has such a great way about him when he’s on mic. The interaction between AJ and Bryan has been solid in this pseudo-feud, and I really thought Bryan would win the strap, but I guess not going to Crown Jewel changed that.


Show Me The Money!

This was a beautiful match, what we saw of it. I’ll admit that the split-screen during commercials has helped a bit, but this was the longest commercial break we’ve had in a long time and during a WWE Championship Match! They put at least double the number of commercials in this break. Normally it’s about 2 minutes 22 seconds for the commercial break, this was at least double that and just kept going. The commercial break was long enough that Stacy commented on it, and that’s not something he usually comments on. I know I’m already upset with the WWE over Crown Jewel, but that commercial break took me to the edge of cracking. Finally, they gave us a few minutes of this great match before going to commercial without split-screen. The match is going on without the fans at home watching. I know Shane is there at SD, but this screams of McMahon more worried about advertisers than the superstars and the fans!

So much greatness in this match, but it was confusing how there was so much love between AJ and Bryan after the match when they were hating on each other before the match. I think it was great that Bryan stepped in to help AJ when Joe attacked, but it’s a bit at odds to the start of the show.


I’m Not The Right Woman For The Job

Paige was so glowing in her love for Charlotte and the Last Woman Standing Match, as she should be, but Charlotte wasn’t feeling it, at all. Has Charlotte lost her smile?


Right In The Pumpkin!

I love The Brood! Watching the Hardy Halloween show on WWE Network I was reminded of just how much I loved Godfather. I don’t want to spoil the show for anyone, so I’m just going to say that it’s absolutely worth the watch if only for Senor Benjamin!

Big Show with the red mist on his face after the match was priceless! Big Show has such a great sense of humor and such great timing. I know most people prefer him as a heel, but he’s so funny that he’s really much better as a face. Yes, he’s been every incarnation of heel and face there is, but I know which I prefer. What about you?


Favorite Mask!

I love that mask Rey was wearing! By far my favorite Rey mask ever, even though I am really not sure about that fake mohawk. I would buy a Rey mask if I could get that one! I know the rest of them talked smack here, but only Rey’s mask and Miz held any of my attention.

No longer have a spot on SmackDown Live? That’s a hard one as I want both Orton and Jeff Hardy gone, and have for a long time!


No Bryan In SA

I’ve been wondering if they’d do this to keep him home, and it was set up quite well, other than I really thought Bryan would win the strap against AJ.


What’s Up?

I have to say it again, R-Truth stole the Kickoff to Evolution on Sunday! He’s so great in this role, with Carmella.

I honestly didn’t expect R-Truth to beat Nakamura here, but something needs to happen with Nakamura sooner than later as he’s been so boring. I know it’s because of bad booking and McMahon not understanding how to push him, but it’s a travesty to the US Championship. They said Nakamura would face Rollins at Survivor Series, but who is actually going to work a storyline/feud with Nakamura to make him and the strap worth caring about?


Not The Man!

Again, I have to say, I have no clue why Becky is saying, and wearing, “I’m the man!” She’s not the man, she’s the woman, and that’s what this is all about. Saying she’s the man is a HUGE step back for the women. I was the man when I was a teenager, but I grew up, learned a lot about the world and the freedoms I have being born in this country, and I know I’m the WOMAN!


Solid Swanton!

Yes, Jeff Hardy actually hit a swanton that looked great! It’s the only good one I’ve seen since his return. The work between Rey and Jeff was great. They were a well-oiled machine in this match, more than I expected them to be. Orton and Miz worked together well, but, as expected, everyone ate an RKO after it was all said and done. Honestly, it was a solid little main event coming off a fantastic opening match. My only issue is that I cannot honestly say that any of those four are best in the world. The closest is Miz, and he’s not getting the respect he deserves.


Final Flush

This was a really solid episode of SD, especially after that crappy episode of Raw! I’m still not happy about the whole Crown Jewel thing, but at least they did right by Bryan and are not forcing him to go to Saudi Arabia. Personally I think it’s sad that more of the roster didn’t step up and say no, but I’m sure many didn’t think they had much of a chance, especially the youngest among them. I just hope that the rumor that Renee is going to announce the show is wrong because I don’t want her over there. It’s not safe for her there, so I hope what I read was well and truly wrong.

Queen KB