What About Raven?…. Sorry I Mean Nia

Hello everybody and welcome to this week’s edition of a Sovereign Statement. This is Sovereign S.A.M. and coming off last week’s emotional Raw and Evolution, let’s see what Raw was able to deliver for this week’s episode.


Corbin and the Universal Title

Baron Corbin opened Raw in the ring with the Universal Title, and like some said in the DD, he looked good with it over his shoulder. He talked for a bit but was interrupted by Brock Lesnar and Paul Heyman.  Heyman did his thing and hyped up the match at CJ and he did a good job like he usually does. Braun then came out and told Brock that he would “get these hands” and Corbin made the mistake of putting his hand on Braun. Braun pushed him away and Corbin attacked Braun but would eat three powerslams. Lesnar would hit Braun with an F5 and this really was a typical Lesnar segment. It did its job in promoting their match but still felt by the numbers to me.


Balor vs Lash-ley! Lash-ley! Lash-ley!

Here is a rematch from last week between Bobby Lashley and Finn Balor and there really isn’t much to say about this match. Pretty much the same as last week but with a different result. It looked like either Lio missed his cue for the interference DQ finish because they did it twice. This is a program that is all about Lashley and Lio Rush and establishing them as heels. It just sucks that Finn is being used for that because he can be so much greater than what he has become.


Lashley and Corbin Backstage

So, this is how they write off Cena for CJ and I guess it makes sense. Corbin does a favor for Lashley and now we will see if this plays out more on TV.


Armbar vs Disarm-her

Well we are getting Becky vs Rousey at Survivor Series and I am actually looking forward to it. I think Becky is a great person for Ronda to be in the ring with and can help her in the ring as well. The bad thing about this video was Ronda was not very convincing at all to me. Becky carried this short video and she is just on a roll right now.


10 Woman Tag Team Match

Usually big tag matches like this can either be good or bad because there is rarely any middle ground with them. This one leaned more towards good than bad to me and I enjoyed it. All the women involved were able to get something in and the faces went over in the match. I must say that it has been fun having Lita and Trish back and I wouldn’t mind if they had a few more fantasy match-ups with some of the other women on the roster. Sasha & Bayley vs Trish and Lita would be a ton of fun and could lead to a Sasha heel turn if they do it right. Also, Ruby is a star and it just sucks she is on the same brand as Ronda right now since she is dominating the top of the women’s scene at the moment on Raw. She is great in the ring and on the mic and just has all the tools to be a top star in the division and the whole company.


Nia & Ember Backstage

I know WWE is trying to push Ember and Nia being friends and wrestling against each other for “the spirit of competition”, but I don’t buy their relationship at all. There hasn’t been any real focus to them being a team, so I don’t buy any friction they are trying to sell us here.


B-Team & Alexa Bliss Commercial

The B-Team are hilarious and Alexa Bliss is perfect in her character and that made this Twizzlers commercial so hilarious. I normally don’t comment on the commercials, because there hasn’t really been a new one, but this one was hilarious.


Elias Segment

Elias, whether as a heel or face, is just simply over. The man knows how to work a crowd and get them in the palm of his hand. He is money and is someone that will be primed for a big 2019. He went backstage and had a sick burn on Dana. He went to Corbin’s office and performed a song outside his door and it was, to borrow a term from Michael Cole, vintage Elias. Jinder Mahal came from out of nowhere to attack Elias and that would set up their match that would be coming up next.


Elias vs Jinder

The match itself was okay to me. Elias is very underrated in the ring, but he was in the ring with Jinder and he is not the best out there. A year ago, Jinder was WWE Champion and now he is back to being a jobber. I think that is the farthest a former champion has fallen in history to my knowledge. Elias won the match with Drift Away and continues his face turn that has been going fairly well.


Kurt Angle Promo

This was a promo done to hype up Angle for the World Cup and I honestly didn’t care for it. The World Cup is a missed opportunity and Crown Jewel is something we aren’t covering here at Wrestle Royalty.


Ascension vs Roode & Gable vs AOP

What in the world is WWE doing with their Raw tag division? Bobby shouldn’t be tagging with Gable and he should be a heel. The Ascension haven’t been relevant since NXT and AOP should have just destroyed both teams in the match and not after the match. It is clear that AOP will probably become the next tag team champions but the Raw tag division is in desperate need of something.


Showing Support for Roman Reigns

This video package brought a tear to my eye and I really don’t know what else I can say about it. Seeing all those children give their support to Roman was just something. I hope those children are able to beat cancer and I hope Roman is able to as well. I do love that Cole stopped talking because the audience started chanting “Roman”. Just some touching stuff right there.


Rollins Wants Answers

Seth came down to the ring and simply wanted answers for why Dean did what he did last week. I love that he referenced how he turned on the Shield and how passionate he came across here. He called out Dean and it looked like Dean was not going to show but he would pop up atop the stairs in the arena in the area where the Shield would make their entrance. Dean didn’t say any words, but he spoke through his facial expressions as Seth tried to get him to speak. Dean is a master of saying everything while saying nothing. This program is just getting started and I can already feel like it will be a good one.


Lio and Lashley Backstage

Honestly, there was nothing much here to speak of. Lio did what he has been doing for weeks since becoming Lashley’s manager, and that is hype him up.


Nia Jax vs Ember Moon

Man, it has felt like WWE has done absolutely nothing with Ember Moon since she was called up to main. She hasn’t had any real major feud and now she is having this “friendly” rivalry with Nia. The match itself was fine but this is something we have seen before. Tamina came down and provided a distraction that allowed Nia to pick up the win. It will be interesting to see if they go with Tamina vs Nia or have them team up.


Lucha House Party vs Revival

Oh yeah, the Revival are on Raw and they are another team that is doing nothing in the nothing tag division of Raw. I was surprised to see the Lucha House Party on Raw and they must be doing something right to get the move from 205 Live to Raw. The match was fine as all four individuals are more than capable but the lack of hype towards the Lucha House Party debuting and the nothing that the Revival has become is why my rating is so low.


Ziggler vs Apollo

Dolph got on the mic and said some things prior to this match but it wasn’t anything new and just a rehash of things he has said. The match as pretty good as both men bring it in the ring each time. I wonder what WWE has in store for Apollo because he is clearly getting a shot to show them something and I worry that this may be a “show us what you got, or you’re gone” type of thing. Dolph picked up the win in a fun but short match.


DX & Brothers of Destruction

I am going to keep this short and simple and straight to the point. I have three words for this entire feud and they are “I Don’t Care”. This is all nostalgia and I just don’t care about it.


Final Thoughts

Raw this week was very meh and very up and down. There were some highlights for sure but there were also plenty of low points. Raw is a clear example of a week to week basis of it being good or not. We will see how Raw will be after Crown Jewel and I look forward to the brand warfare that comes with Survivor Series. This is Sovereign S.A.M. and I look forward to seeing you all for another Statement.